What Happened To Teddy Long’s Twitter Account (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Teddy Long’s Twitter account was hacked – ya’ feel me playas?!

Earlier today, the WWE Hall of Famer posted a new video to his YouTube account, confirming that he was hacked and it wasn’t really him blocking people over the weekend. He said,

“Hey, what’s up players? WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long. Just wanted to get on here this morning and let everybody know, I’m here at LA Fitness, my second home, somebody hacked my Twitter account, I have no idea who it was. I think it was somebody that I blocked that was mad because I blocked them, and then they wanted to hack my s*** and block everybody else. Well, I want to thank him because the first thing they did was they got me trending. This is like the third time I’ve ever been trending. So that tells me, ‘Teddy Long, you still got it.’ But let me explain this to you, players, I didn’t block anybody. Like I said, it might have been that person that hacked me, I might have blocked him, and you can see why I blocked him. My Twitter is verified, so I didn’t block anybody. So, I don’t want y’all mad at me, so I’ll be coming next week we’ll talk further about this. I’ll be doing maybe a couple of podcasts and we’ll be talking more about it. But I didn’t block anybody, so I’m letting you all know, it was not me. Players, I love all of y’all!”

ORIGINAL: It’s clear that now is not a good time to holla’, holla’, holla’ at Teddy Long!

Additionally, several people won’t have to risk going “one on one with The Undertaker” after WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long’s recent Twitter blocking spree.

Anyways, Long served as a referee and manager in WWE, but is best-known for his lengthy tenure as SmackDown General Manager.

On Twitter, Long blocked dozens of accounts, but gave no reason as to why he doesn’t want to hear from people.

In response, several wrestlers and those associated with the wrestling world gave their responses to being blocked by the Hall of Famer.


It is believed that Long’s account may have been hacked.

The former General Manager’s name was trending on Twitter over the blockings.

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