Wardlow Reveals The Greatest Accomplishment Of His Life & Career So Far

AEW star Wardlow recently spoke with Bleacher Report to promote his match with MJF at this Sunday’s AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view event.

During the interview, Wardlow commented on MJF’s assaults in recent weeks, his goals for the rest of this year, and the greatest accomplishment in life/career so far.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he’s doing after undergoing MJF’s assaults: “Well, physically I’ve been pretty beat up for a number of weeks now ever since Max has listed all these hoops to jump through. You know, I had Butcher, then I had Lance Archer, then I had Morrissey, you know, three consecutive weeks, and now a complete beatdown while I’m handcuffed. So I’ve been pretty beat up head to toe like never before for weeks now. So, I’m feeling a little rough.”

On his endurance for pain: “I most definitely have a very high tolerance for pain. I think I’ve just built a pretty strong back over the years and apparently, I have some thick skin because it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be. You know, I took more than 10 lashes. I think he laid it to me pretty good after the shot below the belt. But as far as I’m concerned, I owe Max at least a minimum of 10 powerbombs. So I am going to powerbomb him until my arms get weak. I’m going to powerbomb him until he is hurt physically and embarrassed mentally to the point where he’s not going to want to show his face in that company anymore. So, I’m going to beat him very badly. And then hopefully I can get rid of that contract and obtain a new one. Hopefully with AEW officially.”

On his goals for the year: “I see the rest of 2022 to be in the year of Wardlow. The rest of this year is mine to take as far as I’m concerned. I hope everybody had fun playing pro wrestler because the real deal is here now. I haven’t gone a day where I haven’t thought about the TNT championship. I was literally a second away from being the TNT champion. So, I think my first line of business is probably that just because I’ve thought about it every single day.”

On his greatest accomplishment in life: “My greatest life accomplishment is pulling myself out of the hole I dug myself. I mean, I was at rock bottom. You know, a lot of bad choices in life. So I think my greatest life accomplishment is being at a point where I thought I had ruined my chances of making my dreams come true, and at the young age of 20, 22 or 23, thought I had ruined my life. And here I am 10 years later talking to you.”

On his career high: “Career-wise, recently, I would say that ladder match [at AEW Revolution]. Winning the Face of the Revolution Ladder match was the highlight of my career so far. As far as a moment is concerned, the moment I laid that ring down in front of CM Punk. So, collectively, that night as a whole was the biggest of my career.”

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