Sammy Guevara Beats Cody Rhodes For The Undisputed TNT Title

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Cody Rhodes and Sammy Guevara kicked off AEW Dynamite: Beach Break, as they faced off in a Ladder Match for the Undisputed TNT Championship.

Rhodes previously defeated Guevara to win the title on the special “Holiday Bash” edition of AEW Rampage. When AEW announced a rematch for the Battle of the Belts special, “The American Nightmare” was pulled from the card due to medical protocols. Guevara subsequently defeated Dustin Rhodes to win the Interim TNT Championship. When Rhodes returned, he threw down the gauntlet for the ladder match to crown the clear champion.

After a respectful handshake, men waged war early on, and the fight spilled into the crowd. “The Spanish God” gained the upper hand and brought a ladder into the ring. He blasted Rhodes in the face with the steel and climbed up the rungs, but “The American Nightmare” stopped him. In the first high spot of the bout, Rhodes suplexed Guevara off a tall ladder, which gave him a clear advantage.

Later in the bout, Rhodes suplexed Guevara onto the hinge of a ladder and locked in the Figure-Four through the rungs of the steel. “The Spanish God” tried to rally, but Rhodes threw a ladder at his face. Guevara swung for the fences with a stunning cutter off a ladder that wowed the crowd. “The American Nightmare” fired right back with a Crossrhodes off the ladder. Rhodes tried to unhook the ladder, but Guevara stopped him. He hopped on his opponent’s back, and for a moment, both men were hanging from the hook.

Fuego del Sol ran to the ring, hoping to distract Rhodes, and he ate a Tiger Driver for his troubles. The masked man’s involvement gave Guevara a chance to recover, and he dove onto Rhodes outside the ring. “The Spanish God” then climbed to the top of a very tall ladder and hit a Swanton Bomb onto Rhodes, who was laid out on a ladder at ringside.

Still, he popped up to his feet, but Guevara blasted him with one of the titles, sending Rhodes crashing back down to the floor.

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