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During a recent interview with Paste Magazine, The Pinnacle’s MJF commented on the members of his group teaching each other, why he picked them to be a part of the group, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why he picked the current members of The Pinnacle: “Dax [Harwood] and Cash [Wheeler]—FTR—are the greatest tag team on God’s Green Earth. Shawn Spears is a guy who has been one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, best in-ring technicians in the world, it’s just he’s never had the proper spotlight put on him in his 19-year career and now here we are in 2021, the spotlight is on Shawn Spears, and I’m loving every week the more and more people who are saying “oh my God, where has this guy been?” He’s been here all along. He’s always been great. He just didn’t have the proper spotlight, and as MJF that’s something I can bring to the table. Wardlow’s been with me since day one, pretty much. He is the best insurance policy money has to offer and then there’s Tully Blanchard, a guy who probably will go down as the greatest mind in professional wrestling history.”

On what wrestlers can learn from the Four Horsemen and old school wrestling: “Well, not just the Horsemen, but old school wrestling as a whole. I feel the reason why I stand out so much in my generation, why FTR stands out, Spears, Wardlow, is because we’re not doing the same thing stylistically everybody is doing in this modern era. Everybody else is basically trying to kill themselves for fan acceptance. Guys like us, guys like the Horsemen, guys of that bygone era, all they cared about was getting the winner’s purse. They didn’t care about being flashy. All they cared about was proving they were the best, the cream of the crop and that’s something the Pinnacle does every single time we go out there. We’re not doing it by trying to cater to you with flips, or phony baloney hardcore crap. We’re just really good professional wrestlers.”

On how the group teaches each other: “I think we’ve all been able to teach each other. Just because I’m 25 doesn’t mean I don’t have the same wrestling IQ as these guys. But as far as tag team wrestling goes I have learned a lot from them. I am not a guy who has ever been a tag team wrestler, or a multi-man wrestler. I’ve always been the standout megastar that I am. But I’ve learned a lot from them about how to work as a cohesive unit when we find ourselves in that multiman situation—when your back’s against the wall, but you have brothers in arms next to you.”

On the goal following Blood & Guts: “The goal is most certainly I need to secure my spot at the top of the promotion. I already feel that I’ve come very close to doing that, but the only person that is in my way is Chris Jericho. Once I’m able to take that “greatest of all time” spot—once I’m able to take his crown, his throne—from therefore it’s time for the Pinnacle’s conquest towards gold. It’s time for Dax and Cash to win their tag championships back. It’s time for Spears to go for a TNT belt or an FTW title. Same thing goes for Wardlow. And it’s time for me to win the title that I should already have if Jon Moxley didn’t cheat. Which he did. And that I am very excited for. But none of that can happen until we get rid of the disgusting fluff that is Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle.”

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