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AEW star Matt Menard recently took to his Instagram page and commented on his loyalty to Chris Jericho and the “Jericho Appreciation Society”.

In the video, he says his wife questioned his loyalty to Jericho and discussed Bryan Danielson trying to take away his livelihood.

You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On his wife questioning his loyalty to Chris Jericho: “Guys, my wife just asked me the absolute most baffling question I’ve ever heard in my life. The most baffling question. The lovely Stacy, by the way, holding the camera right now, thank you very much. But I gotta get this out. I can tell she was in a bit of a mood, we’re driving, in a bit of a mood. I finally get it out of her and she goes, ‘Why are you in this match next week?’ The five-on-five Arena Anarchy, Anarchy In The Arena. Five real psychos. I get it as my wife that you’d be a little bit worried, I understand, but you’re basically questioning my loyalty to Chris Jericho, and that rubs me the wrong way. And I’m going to try to explain it to you as if you didn’t already understand. I don’t want to put words in ‘Cool Hand’ Ang’s mouth. I don’t want to put words in his mouth. I’m not speaking for Daniel Garcia or Jake Hager. By the way, Jake? Did you see how good he looked on Wednesday night? Unbelievable! Unbelievable!”

On Bryan Danielson trying to take away his livelihood: “Stacey, let’s put aside the fact that Jericho Appreciation Society for over 10 weeks, for over 10 weeks, Stacy, the recognized symbol of excellence for sports entertainers. You understand that, right? Because if that’s not reason enough, we’re going to put that aside. We’re gonna put it aside. How about the fact that Eddie Kingston, Santana, Ortiz, they basically threatened my life? That they would do what they had to do, whether it’s with you, my wife, or my son, they don’t give a damn. That’s not reason enough? That’s fine. We’ll put that over. Put that over there in the corner. How about the fact that Bryan Danielson, every time he opens his mouth in an interview, he’s got to bring up Daniel Garcia. ‘Oh, I love Daniel Garcia so much! Oh, I love him!’ We all love him! But the three of us built something together, and he wants to take it away. He wants to take away our ability to put food on the table, a roof over your head, Stacy.”

On how Chris Jericho helped him after he was released by WWE: “Well, let’s put that over there. Let’s forget about it for a second. Let’s talk about Chris Jericho. Remember last July? July 2021, Stace? You’re eight months pregnant, and we were left, Stacy, with absolutely nothing. Out on our asses! And who was there for us? Who extended their hand? Who invited me into his home? Chris Jericho. Met his family, his lovely wife, his children. Gave us a platform to tell our story. Gave us an opportunity. Opened the doors to AEW, and I will never forget it. We, as a family, will never forget it. You understand? You like this car? You know who allows you to put gas in this car? Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho allows it. You like the roof over your head? You know who allows us to have that nice roof? Chris Jericho. You know who butters your bread? Chris Jericho. He butters all our bread, I’ll tell you right now. So, I’m telling you, remember The Wizard, right? He’s The Wizard. Remember when he threw the fireball right in Eddie Kingston’s face? I’ll tell you right now. Had he asked me, Stacy, and I know you thought was a little bit too much. I know you thought it. Had he asked me to pour gasoline all over Eddie Kingston, I would have done it. I would have done it! No problem! Is that reason enough for you? The man gave us everything. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m yelling. I love you very much. it’s not easy being me. It’s not easy being me.”

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