Kurt Angle Says He’s Wrestled His Last Match After Double Knee Surgery

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Kurt Angle revealed that he has wrestled his last match following double knee replacement surgery earlier this year.

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was a recent guest on The Two Man Power Trip Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. During the show, Angle spoke about his double knee replacement surgery, saying he did both at the same time to get it out of the way and not have to worry about the other one down the road.

“Oh, just having knee replacement surgeries. Getting through that right now,” Kurt Angle said. “It’s been about a month, and I’m still roughing it, but I’m getting there. Usually, you have one at a time because you’re gonna be destabilized. And so with me, the thing is, I wanted to get them out of the way. I just wanted to get them done and move forward with my life and not have to worry about the other down the road.

When asked about the recovery process, Angle admitted he could still walk around, but he’s in a lot of pain and is currently in the process of doing rehab.

“Yeah, I can walk around,” Kurt Angle confirmed. “I’m still in a lot of pain though. Just doing the rehab, doing what I’m supposed to do, and hopefully, my knees will feel a lot better in the next few weeks.”

Angle was asked if he had the surgery to kickstart his professional wrestling career, but the Olympic Gold Medalist confirmed he’d wrestled his last match.

“No, my knees were shot. I had to have them done. I didn’t have a choice,” Kurt Angle said. “Not with the knee replacements. No, I’m not gonna mess these knees up.”

Kurt was asked if he thought he could wrestle another match, but Angle said he didn’t know and he wasn’t going to try.

“I have no idea. I don’t,” Kurt Angle admitted. “I’m not gonna try. I’m just trying to have a better quality of life. I’m not trying to get back in the ring. I just want to feel better about my body.”

Kurt Angle is much younger than Ric Flair, who will step back into the ring for his final match on July 31. When asked what he thought about Flair wrestling one more time, Angle said he thought it was awesome but hopes Flair chooses to work with a younger wrestler like Jay Lethal so he can carry him to a great match.

“Oh, I think it’s awesome,” Kurt Angle said. “You know, I think that if he’s going to do it, I’m not sure who’s going to wrestle. I was told possibly Ricky Morton, or maybe even Jay Lethal, but I think Ric needs to go with a younger wrestler, somebody that can carry him a little bit better. Because with an older wrestler, it’s kind of a little look a little bit like two old men wrestling. And I think that Ric needs a younger talent to be able to have a good a great match if he wants to have a great match.”

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