Kalisto On Being In Tough Situations The Past 2 Years, Says He Would Return To WWE

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Former WWE Superstar Kalisto recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online (translation via Luis Pulido) about a plethora of topics ranging from the difficulties he’s faced the past few years to the odds that he would ever return to WWE if asked.

Kalisto said his troubles started in 2019 due to a variety of things. He said “It started when my wife was diagnosed by the doctors with a Tumor in the brain, so I spent like one and a half to two months waiting on the result of the diagnosis where I was working on TV without knowing what was going to happen with my wife. I do what I do and I am good what I do in doing wrestling and showing that to the world, but I was not in a good place and I was blocking myself from improving. We got back the diagnosis and, thankfully, everything was fine; however, I got injured from my shoulder and I spent about 8 months out. From everything that happened, I got away and I told myself that I was going to improve.”

One of the things Kalisto said was ironic about his difficult 2019 was that he also resigned with WWE that year. He said “The ironic part was that I signed a new deal in 2019 and I got injured the Friday after signing. I also had a big fever which I believe was COVID-19. I went to the hospital and I got temperatures upwards of 105 degrees, but I did not know if it was or not. I spent like 7 days being extremely sick and I could not go anywhere during that time as it was when the COVID lockdown started and it got me hard.”

Reflecting on his WWE career, Kalisto had mostly positive things to say. He said, “I wanted to improve on everything and I wanted my promos to hit home, so I practiced a ton because I was focused. It hit me hard because I worked, struggled, and even passed out on trying to be better, including staying up until 3-4 in the morning practicing and I was doing my best. When stuff like this happens in life I learned that it’s fine. I spent a little time because I wanted to work on myself and look at what I learned, which was a lot. I give thanks to WWE because it’s because of them that I got the chance to show the world my wrestling and everything I can do and I feel thankful for the opportunities they gave me. I cannot wait to see what else I can achieve outside of WWE. I would like to come back if they call me, but I am hungry on trying new projects.”

You can see the interview here (in Spanish). Thanks to Fightful and Louis Pulido for the transcriptions.

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