John Morrison Credits Street Fighter For Inspiring Insane Career Moment

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling (John Morrison)

John Morrison has had a lot of memorable moments throughout his professional wrestling career.

Major League Wrestling‘s John Morrison was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his crazy Elimination Chamber spot where he scaled the structure and came down with a splash from the top of it, Morrison said it was an idea he had in his head years before it ever actually happened, thanks to Vega from the Street Fighter video game franchise.

“I had that idea years prior when I started watching the Elimination Chamber,” John Morrison revealed. “Because I started thinking, I thought maybe I could Vega someone by that; I mean like Vega from Street Fighter II, where he would climb up and just kind of jump back and like splash people. And I was really pumped about doing that.

“And then when I got into the Chamber, I climbed up there and realized that is really high. And those Chambers, at that time, were way less forgiving than the Chambers are currently. And for some reason, the steel was real steel, and it didn’t make much noise. So like, when you fall on it like this is outside the ring, I fell inside the room for this specific move. But when you fall in the steel outside the ring back, then the crowd is like, ooooh, but it didn’t make a loud noise. It just hurt.”

When asked what the proudest moment of his professional wrestling career was, Morrison spoke about specific matches against Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio early on in his WWE career.

“Let’s see, besides working with my wife and marrying her,” John Morrison began. “It’s so hard because I’m thinking back over a 20-year career now, and anytime you’re asked to name your favorite thing, your one thing, it’s really difficult. But things that come to mind are working with Jeff [Hardy]. As a tag, MNM versus The Hardyz and singles matches Johnny Nitro versus Jeff, like the finish of one of our cage matches in 2007, I thought was still one of my favorite cage match finishes.

“Wrestling Rey in Cleveland of all places for the IC title in 2009 was one of my proudest moments because when you wrestle Rey Mysterio, you think the crowd is gonna boo me no matter what. And I was really excited that the crowd was cheering for me. They’re cheering for him more. But they’re cheering both of us. They’re excited for the match. And having a good match with him on that day sticks out.”

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What do you make of John Morrison’s comments? What do you think are the most insane moments of his professional wrestling career? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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