Jinder Mahal: Drew McIntyre Wouldn’t Be WWE Champion Without Me Because He Followed My Blueprint

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Even before Jinder Mahal returned to WWE programming, many fans felt like it was only a matter of time before he crossed paths with his former stablemate, Drew McIntyre.

The two stars have walked remarkably similar paths in recent years. Though they were both released from WWE at one point, both men bounced back and reached new heights by winning the WWE Championship.

After Mahal’s first appearance of the year on WWE RAW this week, it might only be a matter of time before Mahal and McIntyre work together in some capacity. During on appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Mahal teased some tension with “The Scottish Warrior” by arguing that whereas McIntyre’s title win was universally acclaimed, Mahal’s triumph was ridiculed.

“My problem is not with Drew,” said Mahal. “My problem is with the idea that Drew McIntyre was celebrated as a champion, like he overcame such enormous odds. Let’s back it up. Me and Drew were part of 3MB together. Me and Drew got released the exact same day. I made it back to WWE faster, better, I became WWE Champion faster than Drew McIntyre, yet I wasn’t celebrated.

“I was called the experiment or whatever, you know. I don’t have a book right now. Drew has a book, Drew is doing media nonstop, you know, this is one of the only times I’ve done media in the last few months. Why am I not celebrated the same way Drew McIntyre is celebrated? Our stories are parallel. You know, just because you don’t hear about my hardships in life doesn’t mean I’ve had an easy route to the WWE or becoming WWE Champion. I’ve had just as many challenges as Drew has had. Yet I’m not acknowledged, right?”

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Mahal then took his argument a step farther by asserting the idea that McIntyre wouldn’t have won the title if Mahal hadn’t done it first. He stated that “The Scottish Warrior” simply followed in his footsteps.

“Why am I not celebrated?” asked Mahal. “I [came back and won the title] in better fashion then Drew. I bet if I didn’t become WWE Champion, Drew wouldn’t have. You know why? Because I showed him the way. I showed Drew the way. I laid the blueprint down for Drew. Drew followed the same gameplan that I did.

“…I’m injured, I’m on the sidelines, Drew is celebrated. How do you think that makes me feel? You talk about what motivated me through the rehab? That, Drew McIntyre motivated me.”

Mahal also explained how he’s the best version of himself, as he is more confident than ever before.

“Four years ago, as you can see, I didn’t have that confidence that I have now,” said Mahal. “I’m more confident. I’m smarter. I’ve been in there with the greats, after Randy Orton, guys like AJ Styles, guys like John Cena, and the list goes on and on, Shinsuke Nakamura.

“I’ve learned something from each of those opponents, and that’s what makes me the best version of myself right now, is I have all that aggression, everything you see there now, plus the confidence, plus the knowledge, plus the experience.”

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