Jessie Jones Discusses AJ Mendez In WOW, Why Fans Should Watch

Jessie Jones spoke recently about what it’s like to work alongside AJ Mendez in WOW (Women of Wrestling), and why more fans ought to be tuning in to watch.

Jones sat down for an interview with The RCWR Show to discuss the new season of the show, David McLane’s impact, and more. You can read highlights (and see a video clip) of her interview below:

Working with April Mendez (fka AJ Lee): “I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we are eternally grateful to have AJ in our locker room. For someone who has done so much to come in and help women like me, who has a decent amount of experience for other girls first go at wrestling…like, there’s so much knowledge to be absorbed and she’s just awesome and very passionate about it. It’s blessed! Blessed is all I can say!”

David McLane’s impact: “David has been an advocate for women’s wrestling forever. Like ever since G.L.O.W and the fact that he has someone as amazing as Jeanie Buss when she joined…that’s when it was really women empowerment and started getting a lot of attention. Like started turning heads! Everybody was like, ‘Wait a minute! Jeanie Buss is involved with David McLane? What are they doing? They’ve got all these girls, and they’re doing an all-women wrestling show? Is that going to work? Can the girls do this?’ Yes, we can!”

Why fans need to start watching WOW: “Man! These girls that have come in, they’re all so unique. They all have so many different backgrounds, different stories. You’ve got Kandi Krush, who was like an Olympian and a boxer. Foxy Fierce is insanely athletic, and has come up very fast. You shouldn’t sleep on any of these girls because all of these girls are superheroes and future household names. You know, it’s so crazy to start off like, I started wrestling in the Memphis, Indiana flea market area where I had my first match and I think there was 30 people there.

“And to go from that to over 17 years being involved in wrestling, from managing to in-ring action, it’s still so real. Like, you couldn’t have told 12-year-old me, who was watching the Monday Night Wars and stuff while screaming her head off for Stone Cold or Mankind… If you had told me, ‘hey, you’re going to do that one day…you’re actually going to be on TV and you’re going to meet all these people,’ I would’ve been like, shut up! Get out of here! It’s crazy! The girls here, you want to watch all of them because you’re going to be like where have they been? Why haven’t I seen them? Where did these girls come from? That’s what fans are going to be saying. If you are a wrestling fan, you’re going to see this show and if even if it’s for the first time, you’re going to be like how did I not know this Foxy Fierce? Have you seen Kandi Krush? Oh my God, it’s Ice Cold! There’s something and someone on the show that anybody and everybody can relate to.”

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