Jazmin Allure Recalls Emotional First WWE Match, Becky Lynch Feedback

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Jazmin Allure opens up about her one match with WWE.

Independent standout Jazmin Allure has worked more than a dozen matches in AEW, but she’s only had one experience in WWE so far. She was brought in as an extra at a Raw taping in San Antonio last July, but little did she know that she would wrestle Tamina in a match on WWE Main Event. Allure discussed the experience during a recent appearance on Instinct Culture with Denise Salcedo.

“So I showed up, it was just like random extra work. I got the email that it was just going to be extra work. I was like, ‘Okay, maybe I’ll be a doctor or something.’ I got there and was just chilling, and they came to me like, ‘Oh, you have a match against Tamina.’ I was like, ‘Oh, okay, cool. You know, squash. Three minutes. It’s fine, just die.’ And then they were like, ‘Eight minute segment. What’s your shine, what’s your comeback? What do you want to do?’ I was like, ‘Oh, I’m doing something?’ I was just so shocked honestly.

“But Tamina was so nice. All the girls there are so nice. I say this story—I didn’t get to tell Becky this, but I wrote her a DM before I started training. It’s a long DM about how she inspired me and everything. At the end, I was like, ‘One day I will wrestle for WWE.’ So after my match with Tamina, [Becky] came up to me and hugged me and was like, ‘You did really good.’ And I cried, like I bawled. She was like, ‘Let it out.’ She was so nice and I could just not talk honestly. I was so overwhelmed with the match itself and then her coming up to me.”

Allure named Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair as two other women in the locker room who were also exceptionally nice to her. She then revealed that a former WWE Champion provided feedback as well.

“We did ask AJ Styles. He watched, so he gave some feedback. I was in shock the whole time, but also taking it all in. I remember before the match, I was nervous but I was also like, ‘What if I never get to wrestle for WWE again? What if this is my only shot? I’m just gonna enjoy it.’ I was out there saying hi to everybody. They were like, ‘Were you even nervous? It didn’t even look like it?’ I enjoyed the match so much because of that. With AEW, I was so new that I was so nervous and was like, ‘Don’t mess up.’ With WWE, I was like, ‘I got this.’

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