IMPACT Wrestling Results: Slammiversary Fallout – June 23, 2022

IMPACT Wrestling Results – June 23, 2022

IMPACT Wrestling kicked off with a recap of Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, which honored 20 years of IMPACT Wrestling.

Honor No More kicks off the show, and Eddie Edwards says Slammiversary was Sunday but that the celebration was still going on four days later. He runs down the city of Nashville as the reason the company left the city behind in the first place.

Edwards says Honor No More should be applauded, but everyone is applauding the IMPACT originals. He goes on to claim that the IMPACT originals didn’t win at the pay-per-view, and Honor No More didn’t lose. He then places blame on PCO before Vincent steps in to seemingly defend the monster. Vincent blames Traci Brooks, D’Lo Brown, and Earl Hebner. Vincent says the group was set up to fail at the pay-per-view.

Matt Taven takes the microphone and claims that Ring of Honor would have closed its doors in 2019 if it wasn’t for him. Taven says he didn’t kill Ring of Honor; he saved IMPACT Wrestling.

This brings out America’s Most Wanted, who say they came up during a time when you had to earn the respect of your peers and the fans. Storm said if Honor No More were good, they would have learned from the loss and returned better. But they didn’t do that because they suck.

Kenny King took the microphone and asked what year this was and ran down Chris Harris. Harris says if he keeps it up, he’ll make King cry harder than he did on the Bachelorette. Harris says he’s proud of everything America’s Most Wanted accomplished in the ring. Harris brings out the newly crowned IMPACT World Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers’ to try and even the odds as the four men approach the ring.

This led to a crazy brawl that saw Honor No More take the decisive advantage before The Briscoes arrived and helped The Good Brothers and James Storm clear the ring. Chris Harris didn’t get physical in the brawl.

Backstage, Gisele Shaw hands Alisha a cupcake and mocks her losing last week to Masha Slammovich. Alisha fires back that Shaw is afraid of Slammovich. This leads to Alisha saying she will team with Lady Frost to take on Shaw and whoever she can find that would be willing to tag with her.

IMPACT returns from a commercial break, and Honor No More confronts Scott D’Amore backstage, and it’s announced that Honor No More will take on The Good Brothers, The Briscoes, and James Storm in a 10-man tag at Against All Odds. He also announced a six-man tag match for tonight’s main event with Honor No More taking on The Briscoes and James Storm.

Mia Yim defeated Chelsea Green (with Deonna Purrazzo)

  • Deonna Purrazzo spent most of the match on commentary before getting involved on behalf of Green, knocking Yim off the top rope. This brought out Mickie James to even the odds. Yim won the match with Eat Defeat.

Backstage, The Influence are interviewed by Gia Miller and said that while they do have a rematch clause, Madison Rayne’s injury to her nose will prevent the match from happening anytime soon. Gisele Shaw shows up and asks to join The Influence and fill in for Rayne while she’s hurt. The Influence are about to walk away before Rayne suggests that if Shaw manages to take out one of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, they would consider letting her join.

 Shark Boy and Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Johnny Swinger and Zicky Dice

  • Gujjar hits Dice with a Gargoyle spear to pick up the pinfall victory. Following the match, Joe Doering and Cody Deaner attack and lay out Gujjar. Deaner calls out Josh Alexander as the show cuts to a commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Josh Alexander answers the call. Cody Deaner asks him how it feels to stand across the ring from his demise, the undefeated Joe Doering. Deaner says Alexander is afraid and reminds Alexander that the last time he wrestled Doering that he lost. Deaner says Doering will bring the IMPACT World Championship back to Violent By Design at Against All Odds.

Alexander asks where Eric Young is, and Deaner says that was none of his business. Alexander said that no one has heard from Young since the pay-per-view, and after he takes out Doering at Against All Odds, Deaner will be all alone. This caused Deaner and Doering to attack Alexander two on one. Alexander overcame the odds and sent both men over the top rope to the ringside area. This led to an impromptu match between Alexander and Deaner.

Josh Alexander defeated Cody Deaner

  • Alexander wins by submission via a grapevine ankle lock.

Backstage, Gia Miller interviewed Frankie Kazarian. Kaz said it was one of the greatest nights of his career. He said that might give some people closure, but not him. He challenges Chris Sabin to a one-on-one match next week.

Back from the commercial break, they show highlights from a Jordynne Grace promo after Slammiversary where she thanked all of her opponents. This led to Tasha Steelz having a fit about being thanked and challenged Grace to a match at Against All Odds. Steelz said Grace would face Savannah Evans next week.

Sami Callihan defeated Jack Price

  • Callihan wins with the Catcus Driver ’97 in a relatively quick match.

Following the match, Moose attacked Callihan and hit him with a spear. He then proceeded to beat him with a steel chair before putting him through a table at ringside.

There’s a talk backstage between The Briscoes, America’s Most Wanted, and The Good Brothers. Gallows and Anderson let them know they have their backs tonight. Harris wants to go to ringside with the team, but Storm won’t let him.

Back from the commercial break, Sami Callihan is backstage upset and looking for Scott D’Amore. He runs into Gail Kim, who offers to give him whatever match he wants in order to end the feud with Moose. Callihan suggests Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. Kim agrees and makes the match official for Against All Odds.

Honor No More (Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett) defeated The Briscoes and James Storm

  • Mike Bennett pins Mark Briscoe after hitting the Proton Pack with Matt Taven.

Honor No More attacks after the match which brings out The Good Brothers to try and even the odds. Honor No More win the numbers game and place a steel chair on Mark Briscoe’s leg and slams it with chair shots to end the show.

Matches announced for next week include:

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian

Savannah Evans vs. IMPACT Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace

Ace Austin vs. Alex Zayne

Gisele Shaw vs. Rosemary

Chris Bey vs. Steve Maclin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Laredo Kid in a fatal four-way match to determine the number one contender for the X-Division Championship

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