Eric Bischoff Recalls Buff Bagwell Joining The nWo, Pairing With Scott Riggs

Marcus Alexander Bagwell, better known by his ring name, Buff Bagwell, is best known for his appearances with WCW from 1991 to 2001, where he was a five-time World Tag Team Champion.

On a recent episode of his 83 Weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed the WCW career of Buff Bagwell including his alliance with Scotty Riggs, joining the nWo, and Bagwell being a heel than a babyface.

You can check some highlights from the podcast below:

On teaming with Scott Riggs as the American Males: “I loved their entrance music. It was pretty good man. I mean you go back and listen to that it was a Jimmy Hart classic. What I liked about that pairing, well let me first answer what I thought about Scotty Riggs. I never really got to know Scotty. Scotty was very quiet backstage. He was very unassuming very quiet. My interactions with him were very professional, but extremely limited we didn’t engage in much of a bunch of extracurricular discussion or activity when it came to what we were doing at TV. It was very cut and dry but he was very quiet. Talented great performance in the ring a great look to him. Perfect pairing I think with Marcus in some respects. I think Riggs felt very comfortable in that what I would call a semi-heel role just by the virtue of the fact that they were acknowledging themselves as kind of like the hierarchy of a male tag team during that period of time because they had the look. You know, this again semi-heel right but it fit it was a good fit I think they both felt very comfortable in it they had that great Jimmy Hart entrance music.”

On Bagwell joining the New World Order: “I think putting Riggs into the NWO and because of the backstory with Bagwell and his relationship with Lex Luger and Sting and the Steiner Brothers who were at that point in time were definitively WCW guys, right. Much like Ric Flair would have been smarter really would have been. Putting Bagwell in the NWO checked a couple of boxes. But, absolutely you’re right and there could have been some great story there between Riggs and the NWO and Buff as he was WCW flag waving you know cheerleader for the WCW brand it would have been a much better choice no question about it.”

On Bagwell being a better heel than face: “He walks to the ring and he’s subconsciously he’s a heel the minute he comes through the curtain whether he wants to be or not to a certain segment of the audience.”

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