Edge says an injury during a match with Kurt Angle ultimately led to his neck issues

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle welcomed Edge as the special guest on his podcast on AdFreeShows.com. They talked about Edge being at WrestleMania 6, main eventing WrestleMania XXIV, Team RECK, TLC matches, teaming up with Christian, and a lot more.

Here are some highlights:

Edge talking about his hair vs hair match against Kurt Angle at Judgement Day 2002:

“Shane (McMahon) all day was trying to convince me that I was getting my head shaved.  He will, to this day, say that I bought it.  Now, there might have been a percentage of me that was, ‘This is Vince and these guys.  You never know.  There is that possibility, but I don’t think so.’  It goes to show how much has changed.  I didn’t find out what they actually wanted until 4 in the afternoon.”

Edge talking about getting hurt in a match against Kurt Angle in a steel cage:

“That was my first injury in the cage match.  We had a cage match in Calgary.  I was so stoked.  Man, Calgary, Kurt and I, cage match, like, all the pieces are here. I think we had a two or three segment match.  Heyman had taken over as head writer.  He pulled me aside and said, ‘I want you to be my Sting.’  I knew I was moving into a top babyface spot here.  We’re going, and it was such a fun, vicious match, color, the whole nine.  It was all there.  We get to the finish.  The idea was you got these two bulls, they are both going to charge, and whatever happens, happens.  I’m on the top.  Kurt’s in the corner.  We charge.  I hit this spear, and it ended up being almost a flying shoulder tackle really.  In doing so, I landed directly on my right elbow coming down like a javelin.  It popped.  I’ve never torn anything to that point, but I knew something was odd.  You can see me roll over, cover him, and hold the arm close to me.

Then Hogan comes down and we’re posing and my arm is clicking, but I’m posing with Hogan, so I’m going to grind through this.  Sure enough, I tore my labrum.  Nobody’s fault.  It was one of those things that happened.  I landed in a weird way because I was trying not to land on my head.  That really started a snowball of things because I never got the labrum fixed.  I rehabbed it I think for six weeks, and I came back.  Then I was in a Battle Royal.  I took a bump over and my arm got caught, and it completely dislocated the shoulder because I have no labrum to keep the shoulder in, and in doing so, I tore half my pec.  I didn’t get that fixed.  Now on that side, I have a fused wrist and tore my tricep. I really point back to that first injury and not getting it fixed.  What I should have done is say ‘Ok, four to six months, I have to bite the bullet and do it’, but I’ve just been told I’m going to become the Sting of this show, so I can’t take six months off.  It felt like the absolute worst time to get surgery, but I can pinpoint back to that.  Then I start to compensate, I bump a little differently, I bump a little higher, and now all of a sudden I’m developing neck issues.  It really snowballed.  When I talk to younger talent now, when they say, ‘I have this slight tear.’  I say, ‘Get it fixed.  It’s not worth what could possibly happen in a snowball effect because you’re trying to compensate now.”

Edge talked about getting his job on Haven:

“In terms of bringing the acting with me back after these nine years that I was forced to retire, it’s helped immensely in terms of my promos.  I wanted to take some of the things I learned on sets and bring them back with me.  I walked into acting.  I didn’t know what I was doing.  It fell into my lap.  It was a happy accident.  I retired.  I did one movie with WWE, but after that, I retired.  I got the gig on Haven because they saw my retirement speech and they were all crying thinking, ‘If this guy can get us to cry, we should get him on the show.’  They didn’t know that I was just ad libbing, ending my entire career that I’ve known my entire adult life, so it was real.  They didn’t know that.  Then one episode turned into 41 episodes.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit “The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com” with a h/t to WrestlingNews.co for the transcription.

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