Eddie Kingston On Body Shaming: No One Looks The Same

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AEW star Eddie Kingston has commented on body shamers who have been insulting other wrestlers, especially Adam Cole.

During an appearance on the MackMania podcast, Kingston addressed the notion that he needs to go to the gym by explaining that he works out because cardio is important for wrestlers, but he doesn’t feel the need to fit the mod by looking like a bodybuilder. He described how, when he was growing up, wrestlers like Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes were popular, and they looked like legitimate fighters. Kingston also noted that it can be pretty boring when everyone looks the same.

“My contract, to all those who tell me to hit the gym, I don’t need to go to the gym,” said Kingston. “My contract pays me enough where I got my own gym in my garage. My whole career I’ve been hearing it. And look, you have to work out to be a pro wrestler, you have to have, good cardio’s the main thing. And yeah you hear your whole life you gotta look the part and all that. There was a shift where you know, you had to be a muscle guy. There was a shift in the business. And when you have that so much, people get sick of it. And then you have to do different things. I grew up on guys that looked tough. There were some muscle guys, but there also guys like Dick Murdoch and Dusty Rhodes. And those guys, if you wanna body shame and knock anyone nowadays, would you knock them? And guys like that who look like dudes that, they would fight you. And then it became the bodybuilder era, and a lot of those bodybuilders couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. Let’s be honest about it. But yeah you do have to be an athlete to be in this, and you do have to cardio and work out.

“And body shaming stuff, look, here’s my thing. You don’t like it, don’t watch. If you wanna rip on someone and knock on somebody, okay man, I feel bad for you because if that’s what gets your rocks off, you’re an evil, disgusting human being. That’s all it is. And I hope you never have somebody rip on you like that because you’re a weak person so you’ll probably break down. But anyway that’s me taking shots. No, I get it, but again I grew up in an era where we had hillbillies and Texans and body guys and everything like that. Look, no one looks the same. When you start looking the same, it gets really boring. Me, I got a little bit of a belly. I like to eat ice cream, I like Five Guys, I like pizza. But I also like to lift weights and do cardio and I also like to fight and punch people in the face and chop people. So I’m just me. My other thing with that is, I know this is an old thing to say, but a lot of you, a lot of the people who body shame, a lot of the people who say negative stuff, besides being disgusting human beings because that’s what gets their rocks off, none of them would ever step in the ring. Not to fight, I mean even just run the ropes, or even just step in there. And they’re like well that’s not my job. Well my man, you don’t see me bothering you at your job telling you how to clean the floor.”

Kingston also shared his thoughts on the way fellow AEW star Adam Cole has been getting body shamed by stating that Cole is living a good life, so everyone else is jealous.

“When it comes to Adam Cole, none of y’all are as athletic as him, those people that are saying that,” said Kingston. “Also, y’all are jealous. My man’s living a good life. He gets to do what he wants wants to do. He gets paid to play video games, am I right or wrong? And he got D.M.D. Which All these dudes on the Twitter would give up anything for, for like a minute with her. Big facts on that. He’s living his good life, man. So y’all just keep up and be hateful and spiteful and letting it eat at you. Because you do because you’re a disgusting person. He’s living his good life.”

As for himself, “The Mad King” stated that he’s been criticized for his body throughout his life, and he’s not bothered by it because he knows no one would say anything to his face.

“When it comes to me, when they body shame me or whatever they say about me, I just kinda laugh,” said Kingston. “Because I’ve heard this my whole life, you know what I mean, I heard it my whole career. And I’m good with it because all these people who are saying this stuff will never say it to my face. If they do, then we’ll see what’s up. It’s not that deep.”

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