Eddie Edwards Says He’s “Having A Lot Of Fun” With Heel Turn

Eddie Edwards is having a lot of fun with his heel turn.

During a recent interview with Dominic DeAngelo of Ad Free Shows, the Honor No More member commented on his hopes for Bound for Glory, his recent heel turn, and where he feels he and his current team stand within Impact Wrestling.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his BFG hopes and changes his heel turn brought: “Yeah you know, like you said, Bound For Glory is the biggest show of the year for us. To be able to be in the main event of the biggest show with the IMPACT World Title at stake, it’s a pretty big show of respect from the company and a pretty big accomplishment. With everything I’m doing right now with Honor No More and the kind of change that I’ve gone through characteristically and persona-wise, to be able to do it now, it was a new challenge to get this done again as the heel, as the bad guy going into it, representing Honor No More. The first time I won the world title, I was the X-Division babyface, good guy at that point. I went through another change with the stuff with Sami Callihan and changed up my style and persona again a little bit. I was able to win the title for a second time. Now again I’ve gone through a little bit of a transformation and I’m representing Honor No More, and I have a chance for a third time to win the world title at the biggest stage for us. It’s a pretty cool thing. It’s a special moment, and I appreciate the special opportunity that it is for me to get that shot once again.”

On where he feels he and his current team stand within Impact Wrestling: “I’m having a blast doing it. I’m having a lot of fun. It’s similar to the last persona-type change that I went through with the Sami stuff, where it’s stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new creatively. That’s what challenges me, and to be able to do it again with Honor No More, and completely flip the script where before, I trying to get the crowd to chant, ‘Eddie, Eddie, Eddie,’ and now they’re chanting, ‘Eddie sucks,’ there’s a sense of accomplishment there. But I mean I’m having a blast doing it. Of course, it takes time to really found the flow and find that momentum. But I feel like I’ve really landed in that sweet spot right now where it takes a little bit of time, whether it’s in the ring or backstage in promos and stuff, but I feel, myself and Honor No More as a whole, that we’re really hitting our stride at the perfect time.”

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