Drew McIntyre: United Kingdom Deserves A Significant WWE PPV

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Drew McInytre is ready for “Fury Road.” With his biography, A Chosen Destiny releasing this week, the former WWE Champion spoke with combat sports reporter Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN and you better believe Tyson Fury’s name was brought up. McIntyre has been certain to keep tabs on one of boxing’s biggest stars.

“He’s cutting promos on me the other day from Vegas. It’s pretty surreal to me,” Notes McIntyre. “When I turn on my Twitter, and he does respond. It’s been over a year now that we’ve been going back and forth with each other. It’s gets people talking. I know there’s going to be a day where we finally make something happen. It’s going to be big, and ideally, I think it’s going to be in the UK.”

Drew continues to talk Tyson and how his home country of United Kingdom deserves to have a major WWE down the line.

“He has such a significant fan base with a different market. He’s such an entertainer. He has worked with us before, so he gets it. And somewhere like, say the UK, we’ve not had a significant pay-per-view in the UK since SummerSlam ‘92. A very long time. It deserves one. It would need something on top that’s larger than life. It can’t get more larger than life to take two of the UK’s most successful sons in their fields and have a Battle of Britain. I think they’re just the marquee itself. Obviously, I’d love to wrestle one of our guys and have the technical back and forth, 30-minute masterclass. This wouldn’t be the most technical thing in the world. It would be good. I think it would surprise people how good it would be. But just to get those new eyeballs on the product, to get that big UK show, and to make some new fans in the process. That would be pretty cool. ”

McIntyre states that although he doesn’t pull the strings, he definitely sees an eventual match between the two going down.

“100 percent I see it happening,” Drew said. “I’ve got a vision of how I’d like to see it happen. I don’t make the decisions. That’s for others to talk about behind closed doors. But I know somewhere like the UK it would be huge business. I know for meeting Fury, watching him, and the way he went about things when he was here last time. He’s willing to put everything he’s got into it. With me, I know I can get a performance out of anybody on this planet. I know he’s willing to put in the work, and he’s such an entertainer on top of it. It would be a big deal. ”

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