Complete MLW Battle Riot III Results; Order Of Entries & Eliminations

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MLW Battle Riot III begins with the proprietor of Azteca Underground, Cesar Duran (formerly Dario Cueto of Lucha Underground) entering the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. He reveals himself have made an official deal with Court Bauer to be the matchmaker of Major League Wrestling. As he’s about to christen his job title with a match, Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver come out. Cesar asks “Who the fuck are you?” Myron and Oliver make themselves known before stating they want a World Tag Team Title shot against Los Parks. Suddenly they are interrupted by Konnan and special version of LAX consisting of Danny Limelight, Slice Boogie and Dr. Julius Smokes. Konnan introduces all three men before staking their bid for the belts. Suddenly, a brawl ensues between the two factions. LAX gets the better of the exchange initially, but Myron topples them all with a swanton bomb to the outside. Officials break it up.

Backstage we see Alicia Atout with the lottery tumbler. Big man newcomer EJ Nduka comes in and picks his number to which he seems satisfied. The feed gets interrupted by CONTRA who assure their dominance in the Battle Riot.

MLW is introducing a new mini-series next month titled MLW Fusion Alpha.

We see Kevin Ku and Tom Lawlor at the lottery tumbler. Ku draws his number and he seems pleased, but when Lawlor picks his out he labels it a practice pick. Atout disagrees and his efforts to pick again are thwarted by an incoming Nduka.


The rules:

  • No disqualifications.
  • Weapons ARE permitted.
  • A new man enters every 60 seconds.
  • Elimination is by pinfall, submission or throwing a wrestler over the top rope.
  • Winner gets a title shot anytime, anywhere.

Davey Richards enters at number one and Tom Lawlor enters at number two. The ring eventually fills up with 19 men before the first to be eliminated is a returning Savio Vega after LAX nail him with a kendo stick. Eliminations start to pick up when EJ Nduka comes in and eliminates a total of 10 people, setting a Battle Riot record. There is some chicanery involved when after being eliminated, Tom Lawlor comes out as LA Park, but Marshall Von Erich unmasks him before he gets eliminated a second time. Davey Richards lasts a long while in the match and secures the only submission elimination when he taps out Kevin Ku of Team Filthy. Nduka and Calvin Tankman take one another out of the match before the next act of the bout takes off. This tells the story of CONTRA beginning to dominate the ongoings as several members (including two Sentai Death Squad members diabolically counting as one entry) begin to take out several competitors. It soon gets down to The Von Erichs and Alex Hammerstones against all of CONTRA. They take out a good deal of the members before the big man Mads Krugger eliminates Ross and Marshall. Hammerstone takes out Daivari and Simon Gotch and it’s down to Krugger and Hammerstone. The two men go for about five minutes until a spike left by Josef Samael comes into play. Mads tries to use it on Hammer, but it’s Hammer who flips off Mads, jams the spike in his foot before giving him a shot to the gut and the the shoulder. He soon lariats Krugger out to win Battle Riot III.

WINNER of BATTLE RIOT III: Alexander Hammerstone

Post-match, Hammerstone is confronted by Josef Samael before he celebrates with fans.

1) Davey Richards
2) Tom Lawlor
3) TJP
4) Lee Moriarty
5) Rip Von Erich
6) King Mo
7) Calvin Tankman
8) Arez
9) Gringo Loco
10) Aramis
11) Arez
12) Alex Kane
13) Myron Reed
14) Savio Vega
15) Jordan Oliver
16) The Beastman
17) Slice Boogie
18) Rivera
19) Matt Cross
20) Bu Ku Dao
21) Marshall Von Erich
22) EJ Nduka
23) Kim Chee
24) “Outlandish” Zicky Dice
25) Kevin Ku
26) KC Navarro
27) Lance Anoa’i
28) “LA Park” Lawlor
29) Simon Gotch
30) Daivari
31) The Blue Meanie
32) Ikuro Kwon
33) Ross Von Erich
34) Josef Samael
35) Alex Hammerstone
36) Sentai Death Squad
37) Kwang The Ninja
38) King Muertes
39) Gino Medina
40) Mads Krugger

1) Savio Vega
2) Tom Lawlor
3) Aramis
4) “Rip Von Erich”
5) Beastman
6) Gringo Loco
7) Zenshi
8) Alex Kane
9) King Mo
10) Kim Chee
11) Arez
12) Bu Ku Dao
13) TJP
14) Matt Cross
15) Lee Moriarty
16) Kevin Ku
17) Calvin Tankman
18) EJ Nduka
19) Slice Boogie
20) Rivera
21) Jordan Oliver
22) Myron Reed
23) “LA Park” Lawlor
24) Davey Richards
25) Zicky Dice
26) The Blue Meanie
27) Lance Anoa’i
28) KC Navarro
29) Gino Medina
30) Kwang
31) King Muertes
32) Sentai Death Squad
33) Josef Samael
34) Ikuro Kwan
35) Marshall Von Erich
36) Ross Von Erich
37) Daivari
38) Simon Gotch
39) Mads Krugger

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