Collector’s Corner: Ringside Collectibles Exclusive AEW Authentic Scale Ring + Kenny Omega Figure In-Depth Review (Photos)

On this latest installment of Collector’s Corner we take a look at none other than the new Ringside Collectibles Exclusive AEW Authentic Scale Ring + Kenny Omega figure from Jazwares!

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Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South

The Packaging

The packaging for this ring is pretty huge, more than likely as a figure is included with it, but it is awesome nonetheless! The big box is covered in images of the figures, both from Series 1 and 2, in the ring wrestling each other. You can see the big Ringside Exclusive logo on the front as well as the AEW logos, what’s included with the ring, and of course the exclusive Kenny Omega figure in his black/green attire. Mine has a protective sleeve over the plastic bubble, which is nice for transportation and storage purposes. Be careful removing the ring box from the box it ships in as it is a snug fit.

Kenny Omega

Kenny’s exclusive figure features a new attire and finally some highlights in his hair compared to his Series 1 figure. Kenny unfortunately still has the pasty skin tone, but as mentioned his future figures will be corrected. No swappable hands come with Kenny either just so you know, but you can always use the hands from the other one if desired.

Looking at his hair it’s nice they added the blonde, but the application looks a little odd to me. Rather than painting the individual strands of hair they just sprayed his hair in a circle, which looks weird to me. Even though this looks odd it’s nice to see highlights in his hair since his previous figure was lacking it.

Kenny features the same exact articulation as his previous figure, which makes him very poseable. He’s sporting his black and green attire with the logos on his thighs and his rear as well as his knee pads and kick pads. The detail on him is great and the paint apps, besides the hair, are decent as well.

I honestly prefer this Kenny figure to his previous one as I like the colors and the fact his hair is more accurate here. I of course wish he was tan and had more hands and accessories but regardless it is a nicer update until we get another of him in the future.

The AEW Ring

The ring is very similar to that of those made by Wicked Cool Toys being this was made by WCT/Jazwares. They used some of the same molds, such as the base, canvas and support pegs underneath to name a few.

This ring comes with the AEW-style square-shaped ring posts with the triangular hooks for the turnbuckle “springs” to connect to. There’s also a black tag rope hanging off two of the ring posts for extra detail. The turnbuckle pads are new as well as they’re wider with the AEW and TNT logos on them. The pads also fasten similarly to the WWE ones with the pegs and holes around the metal hooks and the metal hook pieces seem longer to me as well compared to those on the WWE rings.

The ropes are elastic as well, but these are tightly knotted than secured with the metal fasten piece the WWE ones had, which is a bit disappointing to me. I don’t like having knots on my ropes for my photography as it looks odd. You can hide them for the most part within the turnbuckle pads when you fasten them, which is what I did and recommend.

Lastly, the ring skirt is nice as it attaches via elastic bands like the WWE ones. You can see the AEW and TNT logos on all four sides of the ring skirt. Not to mention the ring steps that are new with a square connection piece as well as a rectangular hole for the figures to hold and perforated design. The steps split in two and secure to one another due to the plastic lip on it.


Overall, it’s a nice ring. It will probably be the only AEW Authentic Scale Ring to exist as you will never see an item like this at Walmart or Target due to the price point. If you want a nice ring for your figures I highly recommend buying this and ordering it sooner than later as who knows if they will ever stock it again once they sell through. That being said, the ring is cool, but it is a little large as people have pointed out. The details on it are great and the Kenny figure is decent, too. I do recommend buying one as it’s a great addition to the new toy line. It’s honestly the best AEW ring you will probably ever see so don’t sleep on the opportunity to get one!

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