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Chelsea Green was almost ‘Victorious’ and explains why her recent injury actually happened.

On the latest episode of her Green With Envy podcast, Green explained that aside from responding to some people calling her injury-prone, she’s been quiet about her recent injury and the surgery she had to remove a plate in her arm. She noted that now she has the platform of her podcast to go into detail, and shared how her body was rejecting the plate in her arm and it needed to be removed. 

“My bones were rejecting this plate. My bones did not want this plate in my body, so essentially—judging from the X-ray, I’m no doctor, but I saw the x-ray—my bones were going the opposite direction and I was swelling out of my arm. The doctor said we need to have emergency surgery, we need to get this taken out. Really, I probably should have had that the first time around when I broke my arm.”

Green recalled having broken her arm twice during her WWE tenure, the second of which was in her SmackDown debut in November 2020. She said that the second break makes sense in hindsight because her body was rejecting the plate, but then began to explain how she almost got a name for her SmackDown debut.

Green said she got a call the night prior to the debut and she was told about the match plans, which would potentially see her in a four or five way qualifying match. She says it was then confirmed to be a four-way match, and she’d win to move on to Survivor Series. Green said it was an absolute dream to not only debut and win, but get a Survivor Series match, but then she got the news about her new name, ‘Victorious’. Fightful had previously reported Green was set for a name change, and she confirmed that was the plan and explained how she first found out about it. 

“I get this call, I’m so excited. And as he is about to hang up, my writer tells me, ‘Oh, and your name is Victorious’, and I laughed. I laughed. I didn’t think he was serious, and I didn’t really even know what he said. And he goes, ‘Yep, your name is Victorious. Vince [McMahon] decided on it.’ I was like, ‘Oh… uhhhh, ok…’ And he hangs up. And I’m on the treadmill and I’m thinking, ‘did I hear that right? Victorious? Am I Victorious? That’s my new name?’”

“It took me 5 or 10 minutes, but I kind of fell in love with it. At first, I’m not going to lie, I was a little iffy. Victorious? I really don’t understand. It kind of sounds like a ‘90s stripper, and then I’m like, you know what? I kinda love those ‘90s stripper vibes, right, because why wouldn’t I? And, I love a good pun. You know me. The ‘Hot Mess’ loves a good pun.”

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Green said she thought of the possibilities she could come up with and ultimately though it was perfect and something she could get into. She said Johnny Ace [John Laurinaitis] helped with her entrance, but most of the day was a blur. 

“Fast forward. We start wrestling. I take Liv [Morgan]’s dropkick off the apron and I jumped down, I landed on my feet, totally fine. I rolled back, just like I normally would. Unfortunately, when I rolled back, like I had said earlier, my bones were not reacting well to the plate in my arm, and we didn’t know. None of us knew, you know? We had no idea that my bone was swelling and rejecting the plate, so when I rolled back and put my arm down [it broke].

“It could have been anything [that caused the injury]. I could have done anything athletic. I could have broken this by lifting a barbell at the gym, it just happened to be on live television during SmackDown during my debut. And there it went, it snapped. It was really rough. I obviously was in a lot of pain, but I was more annoyed. I think Tamina could even kinda vouch for that. I was sitting on the ground, holding my arm, telling her ‘I broke my arm. I can’t get back in this match. I broke my arm. I cannot get back in.’”

Green explained that Tamina could see how angry she was and credits her for calming her down, as well as letting everyone else know what had happened. Green says she felt really bad because no one knew the gravity of the situation, adding that it was ‘shitty’ because of the platform it took place on and where the story was going. She thanked her doctor (and great healthcare) for catching the swelling issue this time around and said she was thankful that the issue was now resolved. 

“There will be no more broken bones, OK. Knock on wood. There will be no more injuries, no more calling me injury prone. None of that shit, OK?”

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