Brody King On House of Black’s Presentation: This Is Authentic To Us

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The House Of Black isn’t a gimmick, it’s an authentic representation of the AEW faction.

The group comprised of Malakai Black, Buddy Mathews, Brody King, and Julia Hart recently returned to All Elite Wrestling programming. On November 23rd, the stable shocked audiences with their mystic return, later attacking Best Friends and The Factory inside the ring on AEW Dynamite. With their eerie, dark presence, House of Black has captivated professional wrestling fans since the group’s formation.

In a recent appearance on The Sessions With Renee Paquette, Brody King explained that their on-screen presentation translates into real life as well. “We have the same thought process when it comes to the world and how we conduct ourselves. We’re very much on the same page when it comes to that. So, it makes it easy when we’re coming up with concepts of how we want to look, how we want to present ourselves,” he said. “I feel like when it comes to AEW, we are delivering a product that they don’t have, and I feel like wrestling, we’re delivering a product that nobody has.”

“There’s people that have the spooky gimmick or whatever you want to call it, but this is authentic to us. This isn’t us putting on a costume pretending to like the music that we like. We have deep knowledge on all things of what we’re doing. Malakia reads all these weird, old books on witchcraft and black magic and stuff. I’m constantly reading comic books and playing ‘Magic the Gathering’ and listening to alternative music. We never want to present something that we’re not actually involved in.”

julia hart

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Julia Hart’s Transition To The Group

Brody King continued, talking about Julia Hart’s transition into the group after previously working with The Varsity Blondes as a cheerleader character. “Bringing in Julia was interesting, because obviously, on the outside, a 19-year-old cheerleader, makes no sense to be with us. But then, she joins the group and it’s like she fits in perfectly,” King stated.

“Even when it came down to making her music, my best friend Colin, he plays drums and writes all the music in God’s Hate. Him and his brother have a million bands, but like they’re very well respected and known in the hardcore scene. Their band, Dead Body, actually wrote the new House of Black theme. He wrote Julia Hart’ theme, He wrote the song that evil Danhausen came out too. He was a massive wrestling fan too, He didn’t make it to be a wrestler, but to have his influence in wrestling now is really cool for him.”

“When he was making Julia’s music, he’s just like, ‘What do you want it to sound like?’ Julia just goes, ‘Well, I like Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson’. I feel like everyone just turned and was like ‘wait, there’s more here than we think’. It was before All Out. She came in at Double or Nothing. So before All Out, me and my wife took her to the mall to find something for her entrance gear. We’ve become like her wrestling parents. He found this black dress and then she just picked up the hat, and she’s just like, ‘I really like this hat’. She put it on and we’re just like, ‘Yeah, that’s it.’ Now people are calling her like Tiny-Taker or whatever, but she has this Stevie Nicks vibe.”

“She was this bubbly, sweet cheerleader, and now she just has the most resting b*tch face on earth,” King added.

King also briefly discussed possible plans expand their group even more. He described the group’s current status as a “very much kind of a hive mind. We all want the same thing and know the trajectory that we want to go,” he said.


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