Brian Myers, Mark Sterling Bring Fun To Wrestling, Because That’s What It Should Be

Brian Myers and ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of the official launch of the Major Pod Network. The two spoke about the content coming to the new network and what they hope to accomplish, using amped-up versions of themselves in their respective careers, Brian’s recent issues with Eddie Edwards in IMPACT Wrestling and much more.

Both veterans of the podcasting world (and two-thirds of the successful team from the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast along with Matt Cardona), Myers and Sterling explained their goals for the new network and what they hope to accomplish, with Myers stating he really just wants it to be fun and another way to keep that same feeling that made us all fans in the first place.

“Just have fun. I always think, like I got involved in this because I fell in love with this stuff when I was five years old and I never, ever want to lose that boyhood ‘wonder’ about pro wrestling. Doing this has really kept that alive and made it so much goddamned fun to be a part of and at the end of the day, I think that’s all that matters,” Myers explained. “If you’re enjoying something, and it’s our job now, but I almost feel like I’ve never worked a day in my life, especially doing this. Above all, I just want people to enjoy it and have fun, smile, relax and take a load off, and just enjoy grown men talking about fond memories about toys.”

“There’s just nothing but good times to be had with that, and now we’re expanding with so much more—you said Off The Hop Rope [is one]—and I think Matt’s podcast about ‘Z! True Long Island Story’ is going to really open a lot of wrestling fans’ ears, maybe they don’t care about the collectibles as much, and the same with mine [Extreme Conversations with Brian Myers] with ECW. It’s a deep dive into ECW and there’s so many of these ECW fans that are so die-hard and loyal and they are just clamoring for something. This awesome product all but disappeared out of thin air in 2001 and it hasn’t felt right since,” Myers said, “but now at least we can all cope together and hear some stories about that. It’s nothing but good stuff.”

The feeds for Matt and Brian’s respective podcasts are open now, and the pilot episode of Extreme Conversations with Brian Myers features Francine, Steve Corino, Nova and Justin Credible discussing ECW Heat Wave 2000 and it can be heard at this link. The plan is to premiere a bingeable season one consisting of 5-6 episodes sometime in the first quarter of 2021.

The ‘MC! True Long Island Story’ show will premiere on February 17, which is ten years to the day of the original show’s launch. Sterling shared his excitement for this show in particular, recalling how he found ZTLIS as a fan and now gets to look back on it with his friend and partner. He also noted that it’s going to be fun to have a new episode of MC! TLIS airing exactly ten years to the day of the original show, and both joked about pushing Cardona to share more “juice” but ultimately hopes it’s a cathartic experience for him and his fans.

Mark: “Brian said this in a private chat, but he said ‘Mark has to get the juice out of Broski, push him a little bit.’ We think he might try to be a little ‘safe’ with his answers, but…”

Brian: “I just read the Young Bucks’ book, and I read every wrestling book, but this is like a modern tale of pro wrestling that was awesome and it had to be told to understand what guys of our generation have gone through, and I think Broski’s story is equally as groundbreaking as the Young Bucks’ rise to fame. It’s in a different space and a different story, but equally as groundbreaking and important to our generation of pro wrestlers, and [Matt] is someone who really, at the end of the day, made a huge difference. The Young Bucks are incredible, but they kinda get all of the credit for what they did, and Broski doesn’t really seem to get the credit for what he did in this space. Hopefully this is therapeudic for him and everybody can hear the story and understand.”

Mark: “I think it’s going to be a deep dive into the year of 2011 in pro wrestling seen through the eyes of a man that started at nothing and ended at, the top merch seller of WWE.”

Brian: “Well, that’s in the middle Mark. It kinda ends with nothing, too.” [laughs] “Stay tuned.”

Mark: “There’s about 50 episodes after [the Zack Ryder and Kane wheelchair incident] Some weird things started to happen after that, he tried to grab back onto that, so there’s a lot to dive into. There’s some emails he might read.”

Brian: “It basically starts with already in the ring Zack Ryder to [him becoming] one of the biggest stars in the company, to already in the ring Zack Ryder when it’s all said and done, two years later. It’s pretty wild.”

When asked what they hope fans take from this new venture, Myers simply encouraged people to check them out, adding that they are “bringing fun to the wrestling business, because that’s what it should be.”

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