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During a recent edition of the “WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves” podcast, Adam Pearce commented on working in WWE as a producer, his dream opponent on the WWE roster, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the typical day in the life of WWE producer: “To make it real simple – I do everything. I do literally everything. No, I jest, but not really. Producers’ days at television especially start before everybody else’s….I’ll get there three or four hours before everybody else, we’ll sit in a meeting, we’ll go through the festivities of the day – that may or may not change at all, it may be etched in stone and we may follow through with one set of plans immediately. I have become extremely adept at rolling with the punches and oh the punches, they will be coming and they will be coming fast and furious. So, producers are on their toes constantly. We are the behind the scenes deliverers of information – sometimes wanted, sometimes not.

“We’re responsible for making sure that our specific duties for the day – be that one segment, two segments, three segments, or more – not only hit their time but provide the content we’re responsible for. Sometimes that means I need to get in the ring and teach somebody something they’ve never done before – those are always fun days. And then, I’ve got to, once the broadcast comes to fruition, sit there in the chair with the headset on and communicate what we’re seeing to our broadcast partners and our television truck – our producers and our directors – before it actually happens so they can have their cameras in position to capture the images we’re trying to give the viewer at home. If all of that happens in a perfect world, we’ll hit our time to the second, everyone will be happy with what they saw, and we’ll move on to the next day. That’s just describing a TV day.”

On the most rewarding part of his job with WWE: “My favorite thing is when you have a match, and whether you’re in the match or you’re responsible for putting the match together, you’re heart and soul is a part of that thing. That piece of business is now in you and hopefully, part of you goes into that and it comes out. We just had one last week and I won’t mention the names – when they come back from the ring with smiles on their faces, knowing that they just beat the tar out of each other for a few segments, and the chairman of the board stands up and gives them a round of applause, that means everybody involved in that segment – the wrestlers, the referee, the cameramen, the producer, the director, nailed it. When they come back and there’s a standing ovation from the crew in Gorilla, there’s nothing better than that.”

On his dream opponent on the current WWE roster: “Now you’re making me name names which I hate to do. However, you know what man, I want Randy Orton to run his mouth just a little bit too much to WWE official Adam Pearce so he can he eat the same right hand your nose did way back when. I don’t know, maybe the same WWE official Adam Pearce has to make a match, or maybe the chairman says ‘No you put your foot in your mouth’ and now you have to have a match against the Viper and he RKOs me in 30 seconds.”

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