6/23 MLW Fusion Results & Stream: Weapons Of Mass Destruction Match

MLW Fusion Results – June 23, 2022 

Davey Richards shares some advice with Team Ambition’s newest recruit, Myron Reed. Richards tells Reed to retain that Middleweight title because he’s got an idea. 

MLW Middleweight Championship
Myron Reed (c) defeated Arez (w/ Strange Sangre) and KC Navarro

  • Reed won after pinning Navarro. The final moments of the match saw Navarro hitting a Jesus Piece cutter, followed by Reed hitting him with Flame On. Reed lifts Navarro and hits Captain Crunch on top of Arez, then covers Navarro to retain. 

Rich Bocchini talks to Reed after the match, and Reed says he wants to be the best so he’s surrounding himself with the best and fighting the best. Reed gives a shoutout to Richards, then Bocchini asks if he’d defend the title against Richards, and Reed takes exception to the question and leaves. 

Kings Of Colosseum will return on July 14

Mads Krugger cuts a promo and promises violence and destruction in the main event against Jacob Fatu 

The Bomaye Fight Club addresses the press, and Mr. Thomas says they keep getting the ACHs and others, but asks why no one else wants the smoke. Alex Kane says they need an incentive and gimmick, then they announce “The Thrilla In Phila” with $20,000 on the line. 

EJ Nduka joins commentary for the next match 

Los Maximos defeated Chris Kage & Jaden Valo 

  • Calvin Tankman is shown getting attacked backstage during the match. Los Maximos win after hitting Kage with a  Washing Machine (spinning flapjack slam), followed by hitting Valo with the Spanish Fly for the pinfall win. After the match, Los Maximos tell Rich Bocchini they are the real OG’s of MLW, and they are here for the tag team titles. 

Cesar Duran meets Strange Sangre backstage and says they can face Microman next week and take care of him once and for all. 

A promo for Killer Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux airs 

MLW confirms Alex Hammerstone vs. Richard Holliday will take place at Kings Of Colosseum on July 14. Hammerstone cuts a promo about Holliday getting what he wanted. Hammerstone said he has nothing to prove, he’s just going to show up and beat Holliday’s ass for everything he’s done, and Holliday won’t like what happens. 

Strange Sangre (Arez, Mini Abismo Negro and Holidead) will face Lince Dorado, Microman and Taya Valkyrie on next week’s show 

Weapons Of Mass Destruction Match
Jacob Fatu defeated Mads Krugger

This one has a little bit of everything, including a big spot where Fatu puts a bundle of barbed wire on Krugger, who is laying on a stretcher on the floor, before hitting a splash from the top turnbuckle. The ref was also wearing gloves and a can of gasoline was brought into the mix, and we also see some interference from the Sentai Death Squad. Fatu fought the opposition and landed a superkick, then he hit Krugger in the face with a chair and put him through a table. Fatu ended it after climbing a ladder and hitting a splash off of it for the pinfall win. 

Krugger sat up after the match and attacked Fatu, but Fatu threw him in a biohazard container at ringside and took off his mask. 

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