What Investment do Chelsea Need to Challenge Liverpool and Man City Next Season?

Chelsea have come out of a particularly hard year, where not only internal struggles but worldwide events have caused them trouble and even put the fate of the entire club in jeopardy. So, it’s impressive then that they made it all the way to the final in the FA Cup, only to lose to penalties against Liverpool. In the Premier League, they’re firmly sitting behind Liverpool and Manchester City, needing only a final push to get past them. So, where should that final push come from? We explore here.

The owners

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: Chelsea FC needs to be bankrolled. There’s no point in looking at managerial changes and player transfers if they don’t have the money to do it. And unfortunately, Putin put a hell of a wrench in the works of Chelsea’s finances when Russia invaded Ukraine. Some lost their homes, their lives and one Russian oligarch lost a football club, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing to write home about.

So, who’s taking up the mantle of owner of Chelsea? That has been confirmed to be one Todd Boehly. He is part owner of an investor group that is led by the LA Dodgers. With a minority stake in the LA Lakers, and the Sparks, his love of American sport is on the table, but now he’s getting into the European market with the most popular sport in the continent.

So, with a quick £4.25 billion swapping hands between Boehly and Chelsea, it’s considered the most expensive team transaction in sports history, and so Chelsea can breathe easy finally.

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The players

It’s easy to see that Chelsea’s MVP is N’Golo Kante. Just following the Premier League tells you that, but Chelsea might have a problem keeping a hold of him. Man United’s new manager Erik ten Hag has his eyes on the French player, laying hints that he is willing to pay for the midfielder.

However, given the performance of the team during the final against Liverpool, maybe it’s time for some new talent. Kante might be a necessary sacrifice to get the rest of the team back on track.

Then again, there might be some fat that needs trimming at the club. Mason Mount is in hot water right now after his penalty goal against Liverpool, costing them the final, was blocked. Is it a one off, or a pattern of behaviour?

Maybe it’s time to look again at Romelu Lukaku while we’re making room for new players. He was soon considered a consolation prize after it came out that he was chosen after deals with three other strikers fell through, and it shows.

And that’s all without mentioning the hole that Jorginho is leaving behind after hanging up the blues to move onto sunnier skies in his home in Italy. That is merely an expression of retirement plans right now, but they seem pretty solid since Jorginho has said it might happen following the 2022 World Cup.

Maybe what the team needs is a violent shake up to get rid of the drama of the past year and move onto bigger things.

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