The best coronavirus-themed fantasy football team names for 2020

It’s fantasy football season, and we all know the most important aspect of any team is a good team name, right? We’ve already compiled an extensive list of fantasy team names for you to consider, but only a few of those make reference to the COVID-19 pandemic that’s gripped us all in 2020. While the pandemic should obviously be taken seriously, it’s clear from Google Trends that many out there are trying to find some levity in these trying times by making a coronavirus-related pun for their fantasy team name.

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If you’re going to be stuck at home all the time making roster moves, then you may as well have a team name that reflects your situation. So, we’ve come up with a list that are related to the coronavirus, staying at home, and anything even semi-related to this situation.

If you have any coronavirus-themed team names you’ve thought of, send them to me on Twitter (@JordanHeckFF) and I might add it to the list.

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Coronavirus-themed fantasy football team names


This is a generic fantasy football team name related to the pandemic, but it works. It represents the team as a whole while referencing the quarantine. Simple and to the point.

Drew Lockdown

A play on Broncos quarterback Drew Lock and the worldwide lockdowns.

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Dwayne Maskins

Inspire others to wear their mask by making a pun of Dwayne Haskins’ name.

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Never Leaving Mahomes/Staying in Mahomes

If you draft Patrick Mahomes, why not use a fantasy football team name that combines him and the fact you aren’t leaving your house. The team names regarding Mahomes go on with similar variations such as Always in Mahomes, Stay Mahomes … you get the idea.


This is about the closest player name you’re going to get to corona. We were thinking of Tarik Cohen-avirus, but that’s just ridiculous.

Running back | Wide receiver | Tight end | Superflex | Top 200

Frank Gore-ronavirus

Just let us have this one.

The best coronavirus-themed fantasy football team names for 2020
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SaQuarantine Barkley

There are only so many players that have a “Q” in their name, and Saquon Barkley is the most relevant. If you play in extremely deep fantasy leagues you might be able to pull off Tre’Quarantine Smith or LaQuarantine Treadwell, but SaQuarantine Barkley just feels a lot better.

Jared Cough

Get it, because Cough rhymes with Goff? And you cough when you’re sick. Do you get it?


Rhymes with COVID-19. If you draft Joe Burrow you can shorten it to JOEVID-9 to reflect his jersey number. If you draft Burrow’s teammate Joe Mixon you could do JOEVID-28. There’s also Chargers rookie receiver Joe Reed, who would be JOEVID-12.

We’re Allen This Together

Does “all in” sound like “Allen?” Not really, but it’s close enough. And we needed some positive-themed coronavirus names on this list. This name works if you draft Josh Allen, Keenan Allen, Allen Lazard, or Allen Robinson.

Keep Calm and Kerryon

Another positive-themed coronavirus name in honor of Kerryon Johnson.

Jalen Hurd Immunity

Ever hear of Herd Immunity? Well, this is Jalen Hurd Immunity. Since he’s out for the year because a torn ACL, this one is restricted to dynasty leaguers.

Snake draft | Auction | Best ball | DynastyIDP

Sick Foles/Sick Chubb

Works with any player named Nick, really.

Kenyan OutDrake

Could also be Kenyan Outbreak. The main point we’re getting across here is that Drake rhymes with break, which is at the end of outbreak.

Stop the Spreadelman

Gets across a good message while also being a terrible pun on Julian Edelman’s name. If that pun wasn’t bad enough for you, try Stop The Spreaddy Bridgewater. OK, we’re done.

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