Betting Company Credibility

If a gambling site features a quality interface like, chances are it is a credible bookmaker. Not long ago before the internet became a thing, bets would be placed with local bookmakers who also happened to be ordinary people. Everyone knew who and what these bookmakers were, where they stayed, and who their families were. As such, there was no real reason for bookmakers to boost confidence in gamblers by proving their reliability. Bettors accepted wagers in their local pubs and joints where you could find them later. The mere fact that they were involved in the industry was enough proof of their trustworthiness.

Today, much of the gambling activities have moved online. The situation has changed. Some online bookmakers operating on the internet today don’t even have a physical presence in the real world. Basically, they are not connected with any locality or community and are completely independent of the rest of the public. This ‘new normal’ has created two groups of gamblers – there are those that would take the risk (often at a high cost) not to check the credibility of a betting site and those that would be anxious before putting their money in a random online bookmaker. It is the first group that creates a need to have a criterion in place to signal the credibility or reliability of web-based bookmakers.

Fortunately, one such criterion does exist – if you have a keen eye, you really won’t have a hard time identifying a trustworthy bookmaker, whether online or offline.

Do they sponsor sports events?

Any popular and prestigious bookmaker, whether offline or online-based, would do anything they could to convince an ordinary person of their good intentions and reliable service. The most effective way – and also the easiest – is to sponsor popular sports events in hopes that your eyeballs might catch their brand names in the field or somewhere on the sidelines. No fraudulent betting establishment out there has the audacity to put their name in major sporting events to bait you into their lair. So, if you see the name of a betting company on the shirt of a sports team or anywhere on the field, you have all the reasons to try your luck with them.

Ads from credible bookmakers can be seen on TV

Whether or not a betting company can advertise with your local TV or any other mass medium will depend on your local laws and regulations. However, many jurisdictions are starting to relax their restrictions on gambling adverts, so chances are you could see one in your area.

The thing is, credible gambling establishments will heavily and proudly promote their services in mass media (where allowed) to woo new players in their stable. If you take into account these expensive efforts, you can safely conclude that the bookmaker behind an advert is reliable, and there are zero obvious dangers of gambling on their platform.

Beware of bad apples

There is also a significant amount of online betting establishments that aren’t so good. They will shy away from the limelight most of the time but may easily appear as reliable platforms at first sight. Some will gather your personal information or money or both and disappear in thin air. In short, these establishments are formed by swindlers to prey on unsuspecting punters. Online fake betting houses are a real thorn in the gambling industry’s flesh and punters need to be watchful to identify them. Cases of fraud and theft of funds and personal information have brought discredit to the entire industry of web-based betting since the early 2000s.

The reason why some large betting companies sponsor events or advertise their platforms isn’t really to attract new punters, but to reassure them there are still some trustworthy companies in the industry.

Dodging the fake betting sites

In the age of internet marketing, it is getting harder to verify the credibility of online betting platforms because this kind of marketing has proved to be challenging to regulate. This means any dishonest gambling establishment can reach many people worldwide and make away with whatever it wants in a very short time.

Nothing beats common sense – if it crawls like a duck then it’s definitely a duck, or so they say. Pay attention to the interface of the gambling platform of your interest. Most reputable bookmakers want to equip their websites with well-thought and quality interfaces. Thus, any misspellings and errors can be a good sign that the site was set up in a rush, meaning the intentions aren’t really what the site appears to portray. Also, don’t fall for ridiculous, too-good-to-be-true offers, or attractive sign-up deals.

Better yet, take your time to examine the contact page of the site as well as the bits of information published on the site’s “About Us” page. Trust your instincts.

These simple processes can help you dodge a costly scam and many other problems. Keep off unreliable betting and sites because there are many trustworthy options out there.

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