When is legal sports betting coming to Ohio?

Legal Ohio sports bets will be available starting from January 1st, 2023. Both retail and online sports betting will be fully accessible to those of legal gambling age. Therefore, residents in Ohio will be able to bet on local teams such as Bengals, Guardians, Browns, and Cavaliers.

However, operators must submit all necessary documentation to the Ohio Casino Control Commission by October 5th to be considered for a sports betting license in Ohio. Type C is one of the more intriguing licenses offered by the Commission. This license permits various businesses to construct sports betting kiosks. Interested individuals must have lottery and liquor licenses, and their business must be for profit to be granted a Type C sports betting license.

Sports betting in Ohio: What to Expect

The Ohio Casino Control Commission will regulate sports wagering. Ohio State University has spoken to the commission to press for restrictions on collegiate sports wagering as lawmakers continue to work out the details. They want to restrict betting on collegiate sports to just basketball and football, ban prop bets, and stiffen the penalty for coercion and cheating.

Regardless, Ohio sports betting should be highly profitable after kicking off. Some estimate that the market as a whole might generate almost 100 million dollars in tax income at a 10% rate, or $1 billion in total revenue. The market will feature everything from sports betting kiosks in neighborhood grocery shops to internet sports betting.

Online sportsbooks in Ohio: Predicted Websites & Apps

Compared to other states, Ohio will have more lenient laws allowing sports betting operators on growing their businesses. As soon as feasible, anticipate the entry of some major sports betting firms, including FanDuel, DraftKings, PointsBet, and others.


The quick setup of their mobile and online sportsbooks and their collaboration with casinos to provide users with an in-person option are both excellent. With a vast selection of sports and betting options, DraftKings is now a mainstay in sports betting.

DraftKings lavishly rewards new participants. Additionally, DraftKings frequently offers boosted odds to new players or bonuses for making a deposit. Increased odds allow users to win the wager with a significantly better payout.


Players can count on FanDuel to enter the market as soon as the Ohio Casino Control Commission completes its regulations. They were one of the first three sportsbooks in Tennessee to close a contract, and they ought to do the same in Ohio. Additionally, FanDuel may work with a casino to let Ohio residents access in-person betting.

When wanting to gamble, FanDuel Sportsbook is a fantastic choice. There is already a tremendous DFS software in Ohio, so switching to the online sportsbook won’t be difficult. FanDuel offers an outstanding betting experience thanks to a high-speed and precise user interface on both mobile and desktop.

It’s simple to get involved in the action or withdraw money when users need it because depositing and withdrawing are almost instantaneous.

Caesars Sportsbook

This operator is one of the top sportsbooks in America. They are a well-known, traditional sportsbook that provides some of the best odds. Additionally, the sportsbook has one of the leading mobile applications and is now accessible in most states where sports betting online is permitted.

Caesars wagering is currently not legal in Ohio due to pending rules. However, we anticipate Caesars to be in Ohio once the legislature passes the measure. Caesars may launch in Ohio a little later than some of the competition, but it will undoubtedly do so eventually.


Due to Ohio’s need for a comprehensive sports betting launch, BetMGM is not currently operating there. But almost all industry experts anticipate BetMGM to enter as soon as the Ohio Casino Control Commission completes its regulations.

As one of the first online sportsbook applications to launch after state legislative processes, BetMGM has a strong track record. BetMGM will probably collaborate with several casinos to establish a real sportsbook presence in Ohio.


The sportsbook is among the most recent sportsbook apps in America. Since the Ohio Casino Control Commission is still developing regulations, they are not currently operating in Ohio. However, experts fully anticipate PointsBet to enter the market in Ohio as soon as possible and take advantage of the state’s enormous potential for the betting handle.

One of the most distinctive sportsbooks is PointsBet, which offers customary odds like spreads, point totals, futures, and money lines and has a unique approach to wager. It goes by the amusing name of points betting. PointsBet frequently runs promotions to attract new customers who will test their distinctive gaming alternatives.

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