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Video: Voting Rights Hearing Features Georgia Leaders

new video loaded: Voting Rights Hearing Features Georgia Leaders



Voting Rights Hearing Features Georgia Leaders

Senate Democrats continued to push for a national expansion of voting rights in a hearing featuring leaders from the state of Georgia, a battleground in the voting rights campaign.

“Record numbers of Georgians used their voices and voted in the last election. And in response to this swell in democratic participation, politicians in our State Legislature responded not in celebration, but with retaliation.” “Today’s conversation regarding the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act does occur against the backdrop of a resurgence of Jim Crow-style voter suppression measures sweeping across state legislatures, grounded in the big lie about fraud and insecurity in the 2020 election. As a necessary reminder, post-Reconstruction laws known as Jim Crow, that targeted Black voters, never explicitly excluded eligible citizens by race. Throughout its history, Georgia has been among the worst actors, including malicious prosecution of lawful absentee ballot users in 2010 and intimidation of Black voters by deputy sheriffs in 2015.” “There’s an organized campaign started to make big business punish the people of Georgia for their political choices. When you make political comments and it hurts people’s pocketbooks, there ought to be something — everybody would be offended by.” “What is the problem that lawmakers in Georgia want to address with the new law? The problem is obvious: Too many voters are showing up. Georgia also had a historic voter turnout during the last election. It seems Republican lawmakers in Georgia have concluded that the solution to their election problems is to make it harder to vote.”

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