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Officials probe rap video shot inside Michigan prison cell

These inmates are spitting bars behind bars.

Michigan state police and prison officials have launched an investigation after a rap video was shot from inside a Michigan prison cell and posted online, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The video for a song called “IN DIS CELL” was filmed inside the Macomb Correctional Facility and posted on YouTube — even though cell phones are banned from all Michigan prisons, according to the state’s Department of Corrections.

Both prisoners featured in the video were identified and thrown into segregation, corrections spokesperson Chris Gautz told the newspaper.

Prison officials think the video was shot in September and released in recent weeks.

Throughout the video, reported on by the Free Press, two prisoners are featured and at one point even show a clip of unaware correctional officers in a corridor. The rap video shows what appears to be a prison cell with one of the prisoners rapping at one point, “I’ve got a lot to say, I’ve got to get this off my chest.”

Two unidentified inmates were placed into segregation after the video was discovered.

Michigan officials are probing how a rap video was shot inside a prison, according to a report.
Michigan officials are probing how a rap video was shot inside a prison, according to a report.

One prisoner is filmed while talking on a cellphone which indicates at least two phones could’ve found their way inside the prison.

Gautz said it was “incredibly dangerous” to have cellphones inside the facility because they can be used to harass witnesses and even place hit jobs on people inside or outside of the prison, the Free Press reported.

During a state committee hearing Tuesday, state Sen. Ed McBroom asked a prison official if he was aware of the video.

“I hear it’s not particularly good from a musical perspective,” replied department liaison Kyle Kaminski, adding the pair could be criminally charged on top of the internal discipline they face, according to the news outlet.

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