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‘HR Watches This’: Fox Segment Gets Heated After Greg Gutfeld’s Sexist Comment

A Fox News segment heated up on Monday after Greg Gutfeld accused his co-host Jessica Tarlov of getting “too emotional” as she slammed Elon Musk for promoting disinformation on Twitter in the wake of the violent attack on Paul Pelosi.

“Look at you. You are getting too emotional about this,” Gutfeld told Tarlov.

“Just because I’m at a higher pitch than you doesn’t mean I’m more emotional than you. It’s just estrogen,” Tarlov shot back.

After some more back-and-forth, co-host Jesse Watters chimed in, laughing and telling Gutfeld: “You just told a woman she’s being too emotional.”

“HR watches this, by the way,” Tarlov interjected.

“Is that a threat? Good for you,” Gutfeld said, also laughing.

The exchange took place after Gutfeld defended Musk, claiming it was just a “joke” when the billionaire Twitter owner spread a baseless conspiracy theory about the attack on Pelosi, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

Gutfeld argued that Hillary Clinton had “come out with her own conspiracy” by slamming the GOP for spreading hate and lies that emboldened the man who attacked Paul Pelosi inside the couple’s San Francisco home.

Tarlov told Gutfeld it was “not a joke” and noted that, according to federal charging documents, the attacker told police he planned to hold Nancy Pelosi hostage and said he viewed her as the “‘leader of the pack’ of lies told by the Democratic Party.”

That led Gutfeld to call her “too emotional.”

Gutfeld routinely gets emotional on Fox News, including on the same day over the same story. As Mediaite noted, Gutfeld was “apoplectic” later on Monday as he reviewed the way the media was covering the Pelosi story.

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