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‘DC Karen’ banned from Uber after disturbing caught-on-camera racist tirade

An angry woman hurled racist slurs at her Uber driver on a DC street in a crazed, caught-on-camera verbal attack.

“I employ you. I’m your boss. I’m your f–cking boss,” the woman, dubbed by social media users as the “DC Karen” screamed at the Uber driver as they stood on a Cathedral Heights street, according to the footage.

“You’re a piece of s–t,” she says before calling him the N-word six times in a row.

The unhinged Karen also called the Uber driver a “slave,” “schizophrenic” and “illiterate.”

The Uber driver responded by calling her a coward and a bitch.

The gut-wrenching altercation was caught in two separate videos, one taken by a resident of an apartment building on the street and another by the Uber driver himself.

The two appeared to be arguing over a phone charger, though the details are not entirely clear. The woman screams several times that she asked the driver for a phone charger. When he suggests she call the police on him, she says, “My phone’s gonna die if you can speak English!”

The woman told the Uber driver he didn’t like her because she is white and he isn’t.
DC Karen yells abuse at Uber driver
Uber announced it banned the woman from the ride-sharing app.

At one point during the tirade, the Uber driver warns the unidentified woman that she’ll be exposed online because of his video.

“Hey Karen, you’re going to be all over the internet as a racist woman!” the Uber driver tells the woman at one point.

“Yeah, I am now. Because I did nothing wrong,” she smugly retorts.

“I’m white and you’re not. That’s why you don’t like me. Because I read and write,” the Karen says before walking away screaming the N-word another six times in a row.

After the video went viral, Uber announced that “DC Karen” has been banned from using the app.

DC Karen yells abuse at Uber driver
Two separate videos captured the verbal attack.

“The behavior seen in the video is sickening and has no place on the Uber platform or anywhere in society,” an Uber spokesperson told The Daily Beast in a statement.

Neither of the individual’s identities have been released.

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