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Dad of baby boy gnawed by rats once boasted his temper goes ‘from zero to prison’

The Indiana dad charged with gross neglect for letting his baby boy be nearly eaten alive by rats at his house of horrors once boasted how his temper goes “from zero to prison” in no time.

David Schonabaum’s troubling 2021 missive is among newly uncovered social media posts which offer a disturbing glimpse into the family and their severely decrepit home.

“I avoid s–t because I’m afraid of me, not you,” Schonabaum’s March 26, 2021 post said. “Temper go from zero to prison real fast.”

Although police documents obtained by The Post show Schonabaum is indeed a convicted felon, he never went to prison.

In 2021 he entered a plea agreement for possession of meth and was given a one year suspended sentence, which he served on home detention and completed community service. 

Schonabaum, his wife Angel Renee Schonabaum and her sister, Delania Thurman, are charged with child neglect after authorities found the 6-month-old boy with more than 50 rat bites along his body — with his tiny fingers gnawed down to the bone, according to reports.

David Schonabaum was arrested and charged with child neglect after they awoke to find their infant son drenched in blood last Wednesday.
Vanderburgh County Jail

Angel Renee Schonabaum.
Angel Schonabaum’s son was covered in bites on his forehead, cheek, nose, thigh, foot, arm, fingers and toes, and lost a significant amount of blood.
Vanderburgh County Jail

Delania Thurman.
The child’s aunt, Delania Thurman, who lived in the same home in Evansville, was also arrested on the same charge.
Vanderburgh County Jail

The tragic tot was flown to an Indianapolis hospital where he was treated and given a blood transfusion after his body temperature dropped to 93.5 degrees, according to police records.

His current condition was not immediately available Friday evening.

Evansville police spokesperson Sgt. Anna Gray called the gruesome incident one of the most severe cases of child neglect she had seen in her decades-long career.

The Schonabaums lived in a home in the city which is reportedly owned by a cousin, with the baby and two other children who are 3 and 6 years old, and Thurman’s 2 and 5-year-old children.

Cops responded to the house on Sept. 13 and found the injured baby.

Videos posted online by Angel Schonabaum n recent months show the disheveled condition of the home, with children sitting on the floor amid debris, electric cords and garbage bags.

Schonabaum home in Evansville, Indiana.
The Schonabaum home in Evansville, Indiana, where the family’s 6-month-old son was severely gnawed by rats — including having his tiny fingers gnawed down to the bone, police said. The boy’s parents and aunt are now charged.

Schonabaum home in Evansville, Indiana.
Evansville police said five children, including a 6-month-old boy, were living in the Schonabaum family’s disheveled home in Indiana. The baby was nearly eaten alive by rats, prompting cops to charge his parents and aunt with neglect.

Several videos — seemingly meant to be tongue-in-cheek — show her husband, children and even the family dog with a voice heard saying, “The thing next to you is a pain in the ass.”

In one clip Angel Schonabaum is seen moving her eyes across the screen as a voice is heard saying, “You can hover your eyes smoothly across the scene, you’re a killer.”

According to an Evansville police report, cops were called to the home in June after a relative threatened to “blow up their house over the phone.”

It’s not clear who the alleged culprit was and police did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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