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Chesapeake Walmart shooter Andre Bing feuded with co-workers, said ‘disturbing’ things to staff

The gunman named in the Walmart shooting in Virginia that killed six was “disturbing,” known to feud with co-workers and had a “hostile” attitude. 

Andre Bing, the store’s overnight team lead, was someone whom new hires avoided, according to Briana Taylor, who started working for the Chesapeake store about two months ago and miraculously survived Tuesday night’s bloodshed.

“He was the manager to look out for because there was always something going on with him, just having an issue with someone,” Tyler told ABC News

“But I never expected it to get to this level.”

Donya Prioleau, who was in the break room when Bing entered and opened fire, claimed he “said a lot of disturbing things.”

She added to CNN: “[Bing] came in, shot three of my friends … Half of us didn’t believe it was real until some of us saw all the blood on the floor.”

Prioleau also described Bing as “condescending” and lacking “good communication skills,” and said he was “quite mean to a lot of us.”

Workers said suspected shooter Andre Bing was known to have issues with staff.

Another co-worker who had worked with Bing for three years said he was paranoid.

Shaundrayia Reese said, “He was always saying the government was watching him. He didn’t like social media and he kept black tape on his phone camera.

“Everyone always thought something was wrong with him,” she told CNN.

Around 10 p.m. Tuesday, Tyler said, she and about 14 other employees were gathered in the break room before their shifts started when Bing started his attack. 

“As soon as my team said, ‘All right, we have a light night tonight,’ I looked up and my manager just opened the door and he just opened fire,” Tyler told the outlet. 

Briana Taylor speaking to reporters.
Briana Taylor was inside the break room when Andre Bing allegedly opened fire.

“He wasn’t aiming at anybody specifically. He just literally started shooting throughout the entire break room and I watched multiple people just drop down to the floor, whether they were trying to duck for cover or they were hit.”

At one point, Bing looked “directly at” her and opened fire but “luckily missed” a direct shot to the head, she said. 

“He didn’t say a word, he didn’t say anything at all,” she recalled. 

“The first person that was in his eyesight, he shot him down and the next thing you know, he just started rigging throughout the entire break room but he did not say a word.”

A screen grab apparently of Andre Bing.
Andre Bing, who has been named as the gunman by cops, had worked for Walmart since 2010.
Facebook/Draayia Janaee

Six of Tyler’s co-workers were killed in the shooting, including 21-year-old Tyneka Johnson. After the killings, he turned the gun on himself. The identities of the other victims have yet to be released.

Kevin Harper had arrived early for his shift Tuesday night and had been sitting in the break room when he got a bad feeling and decided to leave. Moments later, he heard gunshots ringing out from the room, so he ran and hid and waited for the slaughter to end. 

“I couldn’t tell you how long I hid in there,” he told the outlet. 

“Time just stopped at that moment.”

The facade of the Walmart where the shooting happened.
Andre Bing allegedly opened fire inside a break room at the store.

When he could, he ran as fast as possible out of the store’s employee entrance. As he left, he described seeing two women on the floor, one of whom was covered in blood. 

“I’m just praying for my Walmart family,” he said.

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