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Accused podcast host Amber Hunt has Reddit AMA after Season 4 release

Amber Hunt spent months investigating the case of Elwood Jones, a man who says he’s wrongly on Ohio’s death row after a contentious 1995 murder trial.

Hunt is a journalist and podcaster with The Cincinnati Enquirer, part of the USA TODAY Network, who looks for clues that police missed when they investigated long-ago cases.

Each season of “Accused” has spotlighted evidence pointing away from the suspect publicly accused by law enforcement. 

The latest season of the series dives into every layer of Jones’ divisive case as he awaits execution in the 1994 fatal beating of a 67-year-old woman. Season four, which is co-hosted by Amanda Rossmann, was released in January and is now available to USA TODAY subscribers.

Listen now:‘The Impending Execution of Elwood Jones’ available for ad-free binging

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