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Woman ‘terrified’ as she’s attacked by 3 ‘out of control dogs’ in London park

A horrifying video shows the moment a woman was attacked by three out-of-control dogs in a park. The clip shows the vicious animals jumping on her with one biting her arms and shoulder.

In the footage, the woman screams in agony as the dogs continue to jump up and bite her. 

As she tries to escape their clutches she begins to run away but they chase after her and trip her over.

After she falls to the ground she then tries to stand up and get away from the animals but they manage to wrestle her to the ground again as one of the dogs gets its teeth into her arm. 

A man dressed in a black tracksuit with his hood holds the collar of one of the dogs as he tries to stop the animals from attacking the woman. 

He can also be heard shouting “run” as he struggles to restrain the dogs.

Near the end of the video, one of the other dogs jumps and almost bites the woman’s face.

The Met Police say the woman was taken to hospital where she is being treated for a “significant injury to her right arm”. The injuries are not life-threatening.

The man in charge of the dogs had left the scene in Abbots Park, Tulse Hill, South London, before police arrived at around 12.15pm yesterday.

Enquiries are ongoing to trace the dogs and owner. 

People who have seen the video have spoken of their shock about what happened and said that dog owners need to be more responsible.

Calvin McDonald wrote: “That’s really bad and the dog owner needs to be held accountable to the law for this. 

“I have no idea what the solution to this ongoing problem with dangerous dogs is but it’s really not good at the moment.”

Luckylugge commented: “Banning dogs isn’t gonna stop they will just register the dogs as mixed breeds and the irresponsible backyard breeding will continue.

“It should be illegal and a heavy fine if you walk your dogs of lead in public areas and parks.”

Rogerborg said: “The solution is to cull all hard looking dogs. Hard to define? Use the Justice Potter Stewart standard: “I know it when I see it.” We *all* see it, and we all *know* it.”

Denzil added: “Those dogs should be illegal – end of. Oh and whatever happened to muzzling dangerous breeds?”

Retired Met Police Officer Norman Brennan tweeted: “A woman attacked by three loose & out of control dogs in a park in Stepney East London today; such dogs have killed 29 people in Britain since 2010.

“As we can see this lady was terrified as she came under a sustained attack by the dogs.”

Andrew Bedford wrote: “I’ve been bitten by dogs 3 times. I’ve had enough.

“One time a Staffordshire terrier started being aggressive with me in a park and I booted the f**cker over the path into a bush. It yelped and ran away. No guilt at all.”

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