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UK Covid cases 70 times higher than red list destination amid ban fears

Coronavirus infection data shows the UK has nearly 70 times more cases per million than Haiti, which will be on the red list until Monday morning

Worrying figures show the UK has the 16th highest infection rate in the world

The UK is one of the world’s worst Covid hotspots, with an infection rate nearly 70 times higher than one of its ‘red list’ countries.

Latest figures reveal that the UK’s Covid rate dwarfs its neighbours, while deaths are at least three times higher than in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Ireland.

It also has nearly 70 times the infection rate of Haiti, which until Monday will be on the travel red list.

Last night the government announced that the seven countries that remain on the list – all of which have much lower coronavirus rates than the UK – will be removed after the weekend.

It means double jabbed people arriving from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela will not have to quarantine in a hotel at a cost of more than £2,500.

Last week Morocco banned Brits from travelling as a result of soaring coronavirus cases, sparking fears that other nations could follow suit.

UK Covid cases 70 times higher than red list destination amid ban fears
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It comes after the government announced it was removing the final seven countries from the travel red list from Monday – meaning vaccinated travellers will no longer need to quarantine.

High case numbers last week prompted the Moroccan government to ban Brits from travelling there, sparking fears other countries could do the same.

Latest data from the Johns Hopkins University shows the UK is registering 131,634 cases per million people, the 16th highest figure on the planet.

Only the USA, which has a far higher population, is confirming more daily cases, while several Eastern European countries are now experiencing high infection numbers.

Daily infections in the UK dramatically outstrip those in red list countries

Infection rates in the countries which will be removed from the red list on Monday are:

  • Colombia – 97,480 cases per million
  • The Dominican Republic – 34,630.81 cases per million
  • Ecuador – 28,837.51 cases per million
  • Haiti – 2,064.08 cases per million
  • Panama – 107,768.59 cases per million
  • Peru – 65,919.50 cases per million
  • Venezuela – 14,050.47 cases per million

Of all the countries that will be removed from the red list at 4am on Monday, Panama has the highest case rate.

But it works out at 81 per cent of the UK’s figure, while lowest-placed Haiti is recording just 1.5 per cent of the case rate.

Travel industry insiders say conversations have taken place in some countries about banning Brits because of the high infection rate.

Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultants firm PC Agency, told the i: “I don’t think countries will follow Morocco immediately, especially as they want to protect their half-term tourism revenues.

“But several are starting to ask for reassurances over UK Covid rates and the strategy to contain it.

“As Morocco has shown, other countries can put in place their own restrictions if they are worried about higher UK rates.”

Eastern Europe has emerged as the world Covid epicentre, with six countries – Montenegro, Andorra, Georgia, the Czech Republic, Serbia and Slovenia – among the 10 coronavirus hotspots.

The UK has one of the highest Covid death rates on the planet

The 20 countries with the highest infection rate in the world are:

  1. Montenegro – 227,381.22 cases per million
  2. Seychelles – 224,577.90 cases per million
  3. Andorra – 200,442.12 cases per million
  4. Georgia – 177,721.19 cases per million
  5. Czech Republic – 162,962.60 cases per million
  6. Serbia – 162,936.52 cases per million
  7. San Marino – 162,893.27 cases per million
  8. Maldives – 160,934.11 cases per million
  9. Bahrain – 158,278.78 cases per million
  10. Slovenia – 158,139.88 cases per million
  11. Israel – 150,876.54 cases per million
  12. Lithuania – 148,532.53 cases per million
  13. Estonia – 142,260.57 cases per million
  14. Cyprus – 138,289.41 cases per million
  15. United States – 137,651.02 cases per million
  16. United Kingdom – 131,634.99 cases per million
  17. Luxembourg – 125,101.68 cases per million
  18. Netherlands – 125,101.68 cases per million
  19. Belgium – 116,220.27 cases per million
  20. Argentina – 115,907.87 cases per million

In the past seven days more 295,500 people in the UK have tested positive for Covid, although this does represent a week-on-week fall of 9.8 per cent.

Today the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that around one in 50 people in England were estimated to have the virus in the week to October 22 – the highest rate since January.

Latest Department of Health data shows 1,060 lives were lost to Covid in seven days across the UK.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the UK is recording 2.43 Covid deaths per million people each day – outstripping Germany’s rate of 0.39 and France’s 0.46.

Just 42 countries have a higher Covid death rate, according to latest figures.

The UK currently has the 43rd highest Covid death rate on the planet, official data shows

The 10 countries with the highest daily level of coronavirus fatalities are:

  1. Romania – 21.98 deaths per million people
  2. Bulgaria – 18.21 deaths per million people
  3. Latvia – 15.76 deaths per million people
  4. Armenia – 13.81 deaths per million people
  5. Barbados – 13.41 deaths per million people
  6. Ukraine – 13.24 deaths per million people
  7. Lithuania – 11.79 deaths per million people
  8. St Lucia – 11.62 deaths per million people
  9. St Vincent and the Grenadines – 11.55 deaths per million people
  10. Georgia – 10.80 deaths per million people

Yesterday Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced that all remaining ‘red list’ countries were being downgraded – but warned that countries could be added if they are deemed a danger.

Health Sajid Javid warned that quarantine rooms are being kept on standby in case they are needed.

He said: “I am glad we are able to reduce the travel list even further, giving a huge boost to businesses, families and friends wanting to travel.

“The red list and quarantine remain vital in protecting our borders – we are keeping a small number of quarantine rooms on standby and will not hesitate to take swift action by adding countries to the red list if the risk increases again.”

The Cabinet minister announced that the Latin American countries of Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela will be taken off the list at 4am on November 1.

This means arrivals will no longer need to spend 11 nights in a quarantine hotel at a cost of £2,285.

Mr Shapps wrote on Twitter : “We will keep the red list category in place as a precautionary measure to protect public health and are prepared to add countries and territories back if needed, as the UK’s first line of defence.”

He added that from Monday, the Government will recognise coronavirus vaccines for arrivals from more than 30 new countries and territories including Peru and Uganda.

The Welsh Government confirmed that it will adopt the same changes to the red list and vaccine recognition.

No announcement has been made by the devolved administrations in Scotland or Northern Ireland, but in recent months they have mirrored Westminster’s changes to travel rules.

The end of hotel quarantine would bring the UK into line with most of the rest of Europe.

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