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Schoolboy’s skull broke ‘like an eggshell’ when savagely murdered in street

Lee Conman, 15, left to go to the shops with a friend but never returned home 15 years ago – and now one of his killers Lee Young is weeks away from being freed from jail

Lee Conman was just 15 when he was viciously beaten and stamped on

A schoolboy’s skull broke “like an eggshell” when he was murdered in the street.

Lee Conman, 15, left to go to the shops but never returned home 15 years ago.

His family described him as an “ordinary and decent child” who died simply because he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

One of his killers is now just weeks away from being freed from prison, HullLive reports.

Lee Young, of Bransholme, Kingston upon Hull, and Leon Thomas Clarkson, were both 17 when they went out looking for a victim on September 22, 2006.

Young and Clarkson had been part of the “Bransholmers” gang who were bitter rivals with kids on the Ings estate.

One of the killers Lee Young is due to be released from prison within weeks


MEN Media)

The “Bransholmers” set out looking for a fight and Young and his gang of 20 spotted Lee and his friend leaving a Sainsbury’s at 10.25pm.

The pal ran away, but Lee did not run.

Young grabbed a stick from his friend and struck Lee from behind over the head repeatedly, which the prosecution say broke his skull “like an eggshell”.

CCTV footage showing the last moments of teenager Lee Conman who died after being assaulted


Mail News & Media Ltd.)

He and Clarkson then repeatedly punched and kicked Lee as he laid dying on the ground.

As Young struck the fatal blow and kicked an unconscious Lee in the head he shouted at him: “Remember my name: Youngy”.

The schoolboy died 14 hours later in hospital from severe brain injuries.

Lee and his sister Jessica were brought up by their grandparents, as their father worked away in the merchant navy and their mother walked out on them when they were toddlers.

Jessica, who was just 17 when her brother was killed, said at the time that his death had left her feeling “alone”.

Speaking 15 years ago, she said: “I couldn’t believe someone could have done something like that to him. We were best friends.

“When I was three and he was one-and-a-half our mum left, and since then we have always looked after each other.

Sainsbury’s on Ings Road where Lee Conman was battered in an attack


Hull Live WS)

“Lee told me everything and I always told him everything. I have no other brothers or sisters and now I have nobody else to turn to. I feel so alone without him.

“He was more like my best mate than my brother. I was with him every day. It still doesn’t seem real.”

Of his attackers, she said at the time: “I hope they get a long time in prison. They were looking for a fight and Rolly was their victim.

“They have done this to look big and so they can get a big name for themselves.

Flowers were left in 2006 in the area where Lee was killed


MEN Media)

“They will have no name now, the only name they have got for themselves is murderers. I just wish it wasn’t my brother they had killed and that it didn’t have to come to this for people to realise what they are like.”

Lee was huge Liverpool Football Club supporter and was laid to rest in a shirt from his favourite club.

Clarkson and Lee were both sentenced to life imprisonment at Hull Crown Court, after the jury took 12 hours and three minutes to return its guilty verdicts.

A family friend said this week that while Clarkson, who has now been freed, did later show remorse and acknowledged his sorrow to the family, Young never has.

There is now a statutory 21-day period for relatives of the victim to lodge an appeal against Young’s impending release.

But the family friend added: “Lee Young is a different story. He’s never apologised. He’s not shown remorse as far as we are concerned.

“He’s been in prison and is happy and confident with his name as a murderer. But we want to refresh people’s memories about what he did and for people to know he’s coming out.”

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