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Police called as easyJet passenger refused to turn his phone off while landing

The easyJet flight from Manchester to Cornwall Airport Newquay was approaching Cornwall and was about to land when a male passenger became rude and abusive

The plane was coming in to land when the man became abusive and rude (stock photo)

Police were called after an easyJet passenger refused to turn his phone off as the plane came into land.

The man on the flight from Manchester to Cornwall Airport Newquay became rude and abusive to cabin crew who asked him to switch his phone off

Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed to Cornwall Live they were called to the airport at 4pm yesterday after the landing incident was reported to them.

The incident meant that the turnaround flight back to Manchester – EZY324 – was delayed by more than an hour while police dealt with the passenger in question.

Most aviation authorities require that phones are switched off on flights because they could interfere with signals on the plane or on the ground.

Over the years some crew members have noted that when a passenger switched on their phone, there was a loss of signal in the cockpit or some instruments malfunctioned.

There had been rumours that a stag party was responsible for the fracas but police have not confirmed the information. It is not known whether the man involved was drunk or not.

A police spokesman said: “There was an incident at Newquay airport this afternoon.

“A passenger was talking on his mobile phone while the plane was landing.

“When the cabin crew asked him to turn off as is the procedure during landing and take-off, he refused and became very abusive to the staff.”

The spokesman said that while the man was spoken to after the plane landed, no arrests have been made.

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