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Man’s foot badly burnt by sand scorched by disposable barbecue

Ted Barton was hospitalised for a week with second-degree burns (Picture: SWNS)

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A student has revealed how he suffered second-degree burns from stepping on sand where a disposable barbecue had been used.

The ground scorched his foot so badly he was hospitalised for a week – even though he left the foil container to cool for more than an hour after putting it out.

Ted Barton, 22, and a group of mates headed to Tynemouth Longsands beach in Tyne and Wear to celebrate the end of exams with a cook-up.

After grilling burgers and sausages, they left their barbecue to cool for an hour, kicking sand around it to speed up the process.

Ted was able to pick up the item safely to take it to the bin, and walked back to the same spot to collect his belongings.

But the sand was still at an incredibly dangerous temperature, scorching him instantly when his foot made contact.

‘I just wasn’t thinking about the hot sand. I was chatting with my friends and then it felt like something stung me and I gave out such a yell, and I ran, well half-hopped, to the sea.

‘I knew straight away what I had done. I looked down and saw that the sand where the barbecue had been was a pinkish colour. That may have been the heat or blood from my foot.

Lifeguards told Ted people have similar accidents ‘quite a lot’ on beaches (Picture: SWNS)
Ted ‘knew straight away’ what he’d done (Picture: SWNS)
Ted arrived at hospital with his foot wrapped in plastic by a lifeguard (Picture: SWNS)

‘It really hurt, and I was gutted that I didn’t think about the sand being hot. It’s logical really – barbecues are over 200 degrees.

‘Blisters started forming instantly all over the sole of my foot and in between my toes; wherever there is soft skin.

‘It was agony, and I’m not one to mind pain usually.’

The pain forced him to limp 150 yards to a spot where he could catch a taxi to hospital.

Nurses had to repeatedly burst blisters around his foot for the next week, cutting away dead skin.

Two weeks on, the Northumbria University cyber security student from Newcastle still cannot walk and is having to take time off from his bartending job.

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