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BBC fury as frontrunner for top job rallied against Brexit and Boris in now-deleted tweets

Over the years, Jess Brammar – who is vying to become the broadcaster’s executive news editor – launched a series of Left-wing attacks on Twitter. The now-deleted posts have resurfaced and sparked concerns among board members about her apparent bias.

Ironically, if Ms Brammer is confirmed in the role she is expected to uphold the BBC’s alleged rules on impartiality.

Back in 2019, Ms Brammer retweeted an article by a colleague which said “black Brits” were “genuinely considering leaving the UK because of the level of racism, particularly if Boris Johnson wins”.

In her retweet, she said: “It won’t be a surprise to people who live this reality every day, and in admitting my shock I show my ignorance as a white woman.”

In the same year, Ms Brammer said Brexit was like the comedy-drama Better Call Saul “but less funny or interesting or enjoyable”.

Ms Brammer – who was previously deputy editor of Newsnight on BBC Two – urged people to “fight for a properly funded NHS” back in February.

In a tweet about a BBC interview with the Prime Minister, Ms Brammer listed “five things the Prime Minister said that aren’t true”.

More than 16,000 of her past tweets have now been deleted, according to the Telegraph.

Friends said Ms Brammer uses software that automatically deletes her tweets after one month.

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Back in January, BBC director-general Tim Davie said BBC reporters must be “activists for impartiality”.

He said: “Do you need the sizzle of partiality to cut through in this space?

“I think it’s really important to say that impartiality isn’t dull.

“It’s not the dry bit of reporting, it is absolutely a real appetite for evidence, for truth, for testimony.

“It can be really good, flavoursome reporting and I think we mustn’t give up… we’ve had some amazing investigative journalism, very compelling reporting for some of these situations around the world and we want to keep making it interesting.

“And I really think it’s very important that those of us fighting for impartial media, for truth-telling, should not give way to: ‘We have to do this in a way that gets the maximum clicks immediately’, but also doesn’t give up on the theatre of it, the emotion of it, all the things we want to bring.”

While addressing BBC staff after his appointment in September, Mr Davie demanded the corporation renew its image of impartiality and warned staff if they are unable to avoid being bias, they should not be working at the BBC.

He said: “If you want to be an opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC.

“Also, we need to explore new ways of delivering impartiality.

“Seeking a wider spectrum of views, pushing out beyond traditional political delineations and finding new voices from across the nation.

“We have begun this work but we can go further.

“I want staff to spend much more time outside the BBC listening to those who pay for us.”

A BBC spokesperson said: “We don’t comment on ongoing recruitment processes.”

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