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Angela Rayner lashes out at Starmer amid reshuffle panic ‘How could I forget!’

Cat Smith a Labour Party MP sent out a Tweet stating that she had lost her position on the front bench. A confirmation that Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer is reshuffling around MPs on his front bench team. The reorganisation began as BBC journalists sat down with the deputy Labour Party leader earlier today for a question time about ministers conduct. Thanks to MP Cat Smiths Tweets deputy Angela Smith was questioned about the accusation.

When asked if Keir Starmer has reorganised Angela said, “The reshuffle, how could I forget, look I don’t know the details of any reshuffle.”

“I have been concentrating on the job that I’m doing at hand, and I think that’s really important, you know.” Ms Rayner claimed to know nothing about the new plans at hand.

“The Labour party the challenge towards us to show that we’re a government in waiting and I think that’s what the public expects of us.” concluded Ms Rayner.

A few hours later a spokesperson for Ms Rayner’s told the BBC that, “she was informed the reshuffle was taking place” but didn’t know “any of the details” confirming that Ms Rayner knew about the changes but was not as informed with all the details as expected.

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A source close to Mrs Rayner later told BBC journalists that she had already communicated with Sir Keir shortly before the speech but did not know the details of the reshuffle, which includes the date and time of the changes being implement

The spokesman for Ms Rayner said: “We are really grateful for the work Cat has done.” discussing MP Cat’s lost place in the shadow cabinet.

“My understanding is that Keir and Angela had a short conversation in between the media round and the speeches.” Stated the spokesperson for Ms Rayner

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“I am not aware of the contents of that conversation but she wasn’t aware of the details of the reshuffle and she wasn’t consulted on the reshuffle.

“Angela is absolutely dedicated to exposing the corruption of this government and that is her focus.” They concluded.

Amidst the madness, MP Cat Smith took to Twitter again to say she had declined an offer from Starmer to stay in her current role.

In her current role, Ms Smith lead policy on young Labour party members and voter engagement.


Posting her resignation on Twitter ms Smith wrote, “Thank you for your call this morning and for outlining your intentions regarding the reshuffle.

“It has been an honour to serve in the Shadow Cabinet since June 2016 and on the Labour front bench since September 2015.”

“Although I am grateful for your offer to remain in my current brief, I have only been on the backbenches for four months in my six and a half years as an MP and I will instead be returning to the backbenches.”

Giving Starmer a shape warning about the damage he was causing, Ms Smith continued in her letter to say, “You will be aware that we had a meeting scheduled for later this week, during which I wanted to raise the issue of, and my concerns about, Jeremy not being readmitted to the Parliamentary Labour Party after he was readmitted into our party membership following due process.

“This position is utterly unsustainable and it is important that you truly understand how much damage this is causing in constituency Labour parties and amongst ordinary members, a number of whom are no longer campaigning.” Ms Smith concluded.

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