Secrets For Saving on Your Favorite Tech Products

Wouldn’t it be great to save 10 percent or more on the tech items you want and need the most? For technology lovers, there’s good news. Even with most other product categories getting hit hard by inflation, there are several effective ways to avoid paying top dollar for items like sound systems, computers, smartwatches, etc.

In addition to sniffing out bargains and deep discounts on your favorite items, consider revamping the monthly budget to free up more cash for discretionary spending. Other tactics for saving on high-tech consumer goods include using the leave-it-and-retrieve-it trick for online shopping, starting a specialty review blog, acquiring second-hand and refurbished products, and selling your old devices to pay for new ones. Here are details about some of the most effective ways to save on electronic consumer goods.

Reduce Monthly Expenses

Perhaps the most basic way of being able to afford more purchases is to chop monthly expenses wherever possible. If you currently pay on one or more education loans, then you’re in luck. Many who owe on student loans can take advantage of a refinancing agreement in order to consolidate all the payments into one lower monthly obligation. This tactic is one of the fastest ways to lower monthly bills by a significant amount in a very short time. Taking advantage of student loan refinancing can deliver multiple benefits in addition to lower overall payments. A refi can help you reorganize your entire financial life and give you some much-needed breathing room.


Also called the shopping cart trick, the leave and retrieve ploy is fully legal and ethical, so don’t worry about the nefarious sound of the tactic. Say you have your eye on a high-end laptop but don’t want to pay full retail for it. Visit the seller’s website, add the product to your shopping cart, and begin the payment process but stop short of providing credit or debit card information.

Leave the product in your cart and exit the website. Don’t be surprised if you receive a promotional email within a week saying that you can take advantage of a major discount on the exact item you left in your shopping cart, unbought. Most CRM (customer relationship management) software includes code that will automatically contact customers who don’t finish the purchase process. Sellers want to entice you to buy and will usually offer a percent discount on the item. Be aware of clever ways cyber criminals hack data as you employ this strategy however because anything you do online can leave you vulnerable.

Start a Tech Blog

If you’re a long-range strategist, consider starting a blog on which you review your favorite sound systems, smartwatches, phones, laptops, and more. After you build up a reader base, reach out to merchants who might want to place paid advertisements on your site. In addition to income from ads, if your blog looks great and attracts a large number of visitors, you might get freebies from manufacturers and retailers in exchange for honest, detailed reviews. Blogging for ad revenue and free products is popular in nearly every consumer niche.

Buy Refurbs & Sell Your Used Devices

Here’s a quick way to save. Check merchants who sell refurbished goods. They often reduce prices about 50 percent below retail and offer warranties for a slight upcharge. Likewise, remember to sell your used devices on auction sites to recoup some of the original purchase price.

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