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What Makes Drupal the Top CMS for E-Commerce

Over 1 million businesses, from Tesla to Warner Bros. Records have chosen Drupal as their CMS. It benefits organizations of any size and in any niche. The system is free, while implementation is also cost-effective. The Drupal architecture is tailored to the needs of enterprises. Here are the key advantages of migration to this CMS in 2021.

As the source code is publicly available, Drupal is being continuously enhanced by over 1 million passionate developers, strategists, editors, and other experts. The team at — Drupal development company will help your business rise to a whole new level and thrive in the digital marketplace. Here is why.

1.   Personalized and Customer-oriented

The modern consumer expects an increasingly personalized experience online. Users are more likely to buy from brands that tailor their offerings and content to individual needs. With Drupal 9, your company will be able to deliver personalized interactions that will engage every visitor. The content will be adapted to their interests and based on their behavior on your site.

Being a module-based system, Drupal can deliver a unique experience to every user. The layout may be as agile or consistent as you need. You may reuse content across campaigns and create flexible landing pages.

The speed of loading is crucial, as users are unlikely to wait more than 3 seconds. Thanks to advanced systems for cashing, such as BigPipe, Drupal ensures quick loading. Finally, the content will be translated automatically based on the user’s location.

2.   Flawless Look and Navigation on Any Screens

Consumers access commercial websites from different devices, most commonly smartphones. Websites built on this CMS adapt to any screen size. Your visitors will enjoy the same quality and responsiveness on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets, so you will get more conversions. Drupal is ideal for a mobile experience as well as browsing from desktop devices.

3.   Unparalleled Flexibility

The number of modules for Drupal has grown to over 44,000. This makes the system impressively scalable. You can integrate efficient APIs to make the customer journey a smooth sailing. This modular framework brings benefits to admins, developers, and visitors.

4.   Support for Marketing

Drupal allows seamless integration of third-party tools for the marketing staff — for example, an inbound marketing platform or a CRM environment. Thus, your brand will not need proprietary analytics or automation. Drupal will function like a web experience management system.

What Makes Drupal the Top CMS for E-Commerce

To Sum Up

Drupal is a highly flexible, ever-evolving and increasingly enhanced system with a large and vibrant open-source community. Over a million IT experts are committed to pushing the project forward. Drupal 9 epitomizes the philosophy of continuous innovation.

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