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PDF Merger Hacks: Combine and Edit in a Flash!

PDF is a universally accepted format. While creating such files is simple, combining them can get tricky. Despite the existence of online services, many users seek more customizable solutions. Changing the order of pages is too basic. Experts adjust the contents of their PDFs in many more ways.

Hacks for PDF management are what every user needs. If you know how to merge PDF files professionally, you can create a plethora of documents, from e-books to invoices. This guide will arm you with the most efficient method of combining, which is also amazingly versatile.

Why Online Tools Are Inferior

Google the term “merge PDF,” and you will be directed to online services. These systems allow you to upload the files and have them joined together — usually for free. This works for simple tasks like connecting a bunch of PDF files as they are. But what if there are dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pages? Quality is a priority, and you will probably like to make the file easily searchable.

What PDF Merger Can Include

Today, this term implies more than simply connecting two PDFs. First, you can add Word documents, JPEG and PNG images, and other content to generate a single PDF. Secondly, the contents of this file will be highly customizable. Add a cover page, keep the bookmarks, attach mp3s, and more! One piece of conversion software will tick all the boxes.

1.   Easy Navigation

The system can generate a table of contents. As it is clickable, you will be taken to the right page in a fraction of a second. This works for files of any size — even thousands of pages. Navigation in a PDF document has never been easier.

2.   Add Information

Users can add any header or footers they need. For instance, you may want to specify the data or add the name of your organization. Add a cover page, too!

3.   Blank Pages

If you have to use double-sided printing, you may insert blank pages for convenience. On the other hand, scanned copies may have empty pages you need to delete. Both tasks are easy to complete with a universal combiner utility.

4.   Manage the Bookmarks

Until recently, merging files with bookmarks was a hassle. Now, you can keep the original markings or add new ones. The system may take them from a separate TXT file or create them based on the document titles.

PDF Merger Hacks: Combine and Edit in a Flash!

Secrets of Customizable PDF Merger

Using a combiner tool, you can create highly customized PDF output. This is so much more than changing the page order. Add a table of contents for 1-click navigation, insert headers and footers, preserve the bookmarks, attach audio files… the list goes on. PDF merger today is incredibly flexible. One combiner tool will unlock its full potential!

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