Tampax tweet celebrating ‘diversity of all people who bleed’ sparks trans row

Tampon giant Tampax has received mixed responses to a pro-trans tweet celebrating “all people who bleed”.

The US firm, owned by Procter & Gamble, said: “Fact: Not all women have periods. Also a fact: Not all people with periods are women. Let’s celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed.”

It then added the hastags: #mythbusting #periodtruths #transisbeautiful.

While many criticised the message as an attempt to “erase” women and called for a boycott of the long-established brand, others praised it as “inclusive”.

Criticism of the tweet has been labelled “transphobic” and blamed largely on the work of TERFs – transexclusionary radical feminists.

Tampax has been praised for its inclusive message by many

But pro-women groups and some in the trans community itself have slammed the message.

Though those in favour of the Tampax stance pointed out those against the sentiment are themselves erasing non-binary people.

One supporter wrote: “Thank you, people behind Tampax, for your inclusive language.

Tampax tweet celebrating 'diversity of all people who bleed' sparks trans row
Actor Laurence Fox is among those to have criticised the tweet

“There’s a lot of hate in the comments but know there are people who see and appreciate it. It’s such a small gesture and hurts literally no one.”

And another said: “Ok, for those who don’t know, your “but biology” gotchas are outdated science.

“Science is the study of all things. What we learned in highschool is not the end all be all.

Tampax tweet celebrating 'diversity of all people who bleed' sparks trans row
Some Twitter users slammed Tampax

“‘Biology’ isn’t as simple as ‘xy’ and ‘xx’, non of you have any concept of biology past the classroom.”

And a third said: “I’m non-binary, I’m not a woman. I experience periods and I am glad you’re inclusive of non-binary and trans people.”

Twitter Elmo Masey, meanwhile, thanked Tampax for the “inclusive campaign” and said they “seriously question” those “who are angry”.

One trans man said he experienced periods for 13 years and added while he doesn’t require such products anymore “this makes me feel good for everyone who does”.

Among those stoking the flames online were controversial actor Laurence Fox, 42, who called it “anti-factual and anti woman, virtue vomit”.

“I’m genuinely interested to know who at Tampax thought it might be a good idea to gamble your entire client base (Biological Women) against this anti-factual and anti woman, virtue vomit,” the star of ITV’s detective series wrote.

While feminist Susan Dalgety added: “It’s a biological fact you need a uterus to menstruate, and that only females have one. Males do not.

“I have no idea why Proctor & Gamble thought it was a good marketing tactic to alienate their sole customer base in this way.”

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, founder of the Standing For Women campaign group, called the tweet “virtue signalling”, while one trans man said “no other humans get their periods” aside from women.

It comes after Superdrug unveiled a new range of sanitary products “for people who menstruate” called Luna.

The sanitary towels and tampons, marketed under the brand name Luna, were launched with the aim of being “as inclusive as possible”.

The Tampax tweet was initially posted on September 15 but is still receiving scores of responses, with over 13,500 likes.

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