Statistics Why People Start Playing Casinos

Gambling is one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. More people start playing games of chance for various reasons. Sometimes, the passion for casino games even leads to addiction and other problems caused by it. Experts keep studying punters, their behavior, and reasons for people to start gambling. Today, we will speak about these issues and the statistics connected with gambling.

The popularity of gambling

Games of chance have always been popular. People played various types of them even in ancient times. Casino games are not just a wonderful way to pass the time. They give you a chance to feel the adrenalin, take a risk, and even win real cash.

The industry of gambling continues to develop. Today, many land-based venues are replaced by their Internet alternatives. It happened due to the development of IT, which gave birth to a new area of gambling – iGaming.

As a result, more new gaming facilities were established on the web. At the very start, they were quite primitive. However, the decades of development allowed offering a completely new experience to punters with advanced opportunities and a great level of comfort.

Modern fast payout casinos offer high-quality products created with HTML5 technologies. The options are accessible on any type of device thanks to their compatibility. Besides, gambling platforms on the web can provide the following important benefits, which attract people:

  • A wide range of games (there’re diverse types of products, while each game is featured by its unique style)
  • Incomparable accessibility (today’s Internet casinos are available at any time and in any place; punters can even play their favorite slots on their way to work)
  • Generous bounties (every gaming facility on the web offer diverse welcome extras, bounties for newly-registered and regular visitors, cashback, and many other bonuses to encourage gamers)
  • Comfort and no pressure (when playing any kind of casino games at home, you can feel relaxed and wear your favorite pajama; you can play virtually, not being distracted by the crowd)
  • A wide range of stakes (there’s no need to be a millionaire to bet at an Internet casino; games accept various stakes, which might be as low as 0.01 USD)
  • VIP programs (many gaming facilities offer additional benefits to regular and active punters; they can collect points for replenishments and enjoy various privileges).

Gambling and psychology

Along with various benefits of iGaming, there’re important psychological reasons for users to play casino games. This activity has a significant influence on the brain. During gambling activity, the brain releases dopamine. The latest is a neurotransmitter, which makes us feel good and excited. And it happens when people both win and lose. Such a condition makes people keep playing.

The feeling experienced while gambling is similar to the one from alcohol, delicious food, and drugs. For certain categories of people, it is very difficult to stop because of that pleasure. They might start chasing wins or even losses. As a result, it leads to stress, great money expenses, problems with family, friends, etc.

The experts found out that there’re a few groups of reasons for people to begin playing gamble games:

Group of reasons Explanation
Social reasons Many punters start gambling because they want to feel a part of a certain group. It happens because their friends gather to play together. As a result, they pass a more enjoyable time together and have something in common.
Entertainment reasons Gambling is actually very exciting. It can provide a good mood and many other positive emotions, diversify everyday routine, and add something new to life. Many people begin gambling just to feel good and relieve stress.
Coping reasons Many people today work hard and feel tired all the time. It leads to depression and worries. Such people are looking for something to change their state of mind. And gambling becomes a perfect solution. They dive into the world of casino games, start feeling more self-confident, and calm their nerves.
Financial reasons We all like easy money. And sometimes people mistakenly consider gambling a way to get it. Such punters hope to once win a huge jackpot and become a millionaire. For this reason, they begin gambling. It actually might happen but the chances are not very high. What’s more, it’s not a good attitude towards gambling. It’s required to remember that it’s fun first of all. And any wins are just extra bonuses of a wonderful pastime.

Gambling statistics

According to statistical data, almost 30% of the world’s population gambles today. The figures are as follows:

  • About 1.5 billion people regularly gamble
  • About 4 billion people gamble at least once a year.

Gambling losses per adult keep growing. The biggest losses are recorded in:

  1.  Australia
  2.  Singapore
  3.  Ireland
  4.  Finland
  5.  The USA
  6. New Zealand
  7. Canada
  8. Norway
  9. Italy
  10. The UK.

Statistics Why People Start Playing Casinos

According to the statistics, not all people play casino games on the Web. Many punters still prefer land-based casinos, which provide additional advantages:

  • Social aspect of communication with other players and interesting people
  • A special atmosphere of a real-life gaming venue with its meals, drinks, smells, and sounds.
  • Additional services, which allow diversifying the pastime and getting away from the games for a while.

Important facts

Gambling is an extremely popular issue. Consider certain facts based on WHO, NCBI, and other statistics connected with it:

  • About 350 million people across the globe are compulsive gamblers
  • The most serious gamblers are men
  • The majority of punters are 35-50 years of age
  • Over 2/3 of problem punters commit crimes.

To avoid problems connected with gambling, it’s required to be responsible and start playing for entertainment reasons first.


Gambling is a popular activity, which becomes more and more popular. It allows enjoying the best products without leaving your house, during coffee breaks, or even in transport. Various reasons make people start gambling. Some of them lead to compulsive gambling. Every gambler should be wise and reasonable to enjoy the gambling experience and prevent possible problems.

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