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Back in June, we wrote a piece about Lift eFoil, a motorized hydrofoil surfboard that lets riders experience flight over almost any body of water at up to 25 mph, with no waves required. The Lift eFoil leverages advances in lithium-battery technology and wireless communication to create an experience that’s a mix of surfing, flying, and deep-powder snowboarding. The result is a powerful, stable, and responsive ride over any body of water, regardless of the weather conditions.

But what about if you don’t know how to surf? Candela Speedboat, may be able to help. You can now experience the flying, the silence, and going through waves together with the new Candela Seven flying electric-powered hydrofoil speedboat.

This week, the Stockholm, Sweden-based startup debuts its flying’ electric speedboat on Switzerland’s lakes. With zero emissions, the Candela Seven can hit speeds of 55 km per hour when its foils lift it out of the water. Its manufacturers say it travels further and smoother than other electric boats. However, Candela will set you back hundreds of thousands of dollars. Each boat costs around 250,000 euros ($296,000). So far, Candel has delivered 16 boats since last year.

The foils reduce water friction – and the effect of waves slamming into the boat – cutting energy consumption by 80% compared to normal diesel-powered boats and extending the craft’s range to 90 km (56 miles). The Candela Seven has recently been awarded the prestigious price Best for Future 2019 from Best of Boats.

By bringing together some of the world’s brightest researchers and engineers, Candela has redefined what a boat is. The globe’s only electrical boat with speed & range as a fossil boat. And behavior in rough sea second to none. Simply the future of boating.

According to the information on their website, achieving the feat is not an easy task. “Boatbuilders typically employ boatbuilders. But to crack the challenge – designing the world’s first electric boat with both speed and range – we had to do it differently. We joined together some of the world’s brightest minds within their fields: hydrofoil technology, carbon composites, dynamic modeling, self-learning, and software development. The result is a revolution,” the Candela team said.

The team also posted the mathematical equations that make it all possible. You can see it below.

The boat, which is made of carbon fiber, also carries an on-board computer which automatically adjusts the foil positions 100 times per second to reduce rolling and sea-sickness.

Below is another video.

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