Meet Cyclotron Bike: The revolutionary and futuristic bike with airless and spokeless wheels | Tech News | Startups News

We first wrote about Cyclotron Bike in July 2016 when the bike first made its debut. Cyclotron Bike has soared in popularity since it made its debut on Kickstarter about four years ago. The Cyclotron is such in high demand that it takes 3-4 months minimum delivery time. After more than 3 years of extensive and highly confidential development and testing, the Cyclotron is the next big step in bicycle evolution.

Meet Cyclotron Bike, the world’s first hubless revolutionary smart bicycle that combines smart features in a lightweight chassis. The makers of the Cyclotron Bike truly believe that the future of the bicycle is nowhere. The Cyclotron Bike is a smart bicycle that has airless and spokeless wheels. Its integrated design allows for better aerodynamics, making it really fast to ride.

With cars now taking smart features from our devices, bicycles are now in the league of smart vehicles that can help us go places with more safety and ease of use. The Cyclotron Bike attempts to change how we think about the humble bicycle by taking smart features and making them an integral part of a smart bike.

Starting with the bike’s shape, it truly looks like something out of the future. Never seen in any kind of bicycle before, the Cyclotron Bike is the world’s first spokeless and hubless bike – it’s one of the main considerations in making this bike super lightweight. By essentially taking out the spoke and hub that we are used to seeing in standard bikes,  its wheels cut through the air with aerodynamic efficiency to improve riding comfort and speed. It’s also nice to know that the space at the center of the wheels can be used to carrying your groceries or other items that fit.

From the LED-lit wheel rims, the Cyclotron Bike is truly a sight to behold. And to make it truly lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand the bumps of everyday riding, its chassis is built using a space-grade carbon fiber monocoque construction. Carbon fiber is a material used in many industrial applications, such as in airplanes and cars, in order to decrease weight and improve the drag coefficient. The Cyclotron Bike is built tough yet light, all thanks to its carbon fiber construction.

Meet Cyclotron Bike: The revolutionary and futuristic bike with airless and spokeless wheels | Tech News | Startups News

It’s also packed with smart features that truly make it deserving of the “bike from the future” award. The Cyclotron Bike has fully integrated electronics built-in, with all of its batteries, cables and wires, brakes, and the drive train hidden from plain view – yet working seamlessly together to give a comfortable ride. Its 18-speed e-gear box is the heart of its drive train, moving a chainless power transmission that is powered by a self-charging lithium-ion battery.

Riding safety is a top priority for the Cyclotron Bike. It has built-in active LED rear lights and a bike laser lane projector, which helps in keeping other vehicles behind you at a safe distance, as well as making others aware of your presence on the road.

Cyclotron Bike: Revolutionary

With the Cyclotron mobile app for iOS and Android, you can track your ride using the bike’s built-in sensors. These sensors are capable of tracking a variety of data, such as your heart rate, cadence, speed, and distance traveled. The app also gives you a comprehensive view of your current stats as you bike your way.

The future of the humble bicycle has come with the Cyclotron Bike. Its combination of smart features and a futuristic, lightweight design makes it a truly impressive bike from the future – waiting for you to take a ride today.

Below is a video overview of the Cyclotron.

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