Apple’s Mac shortage is a big red flag for enterprise IT

Enterprise purchasers should expect to become frustrated when purchasing new hardware in the coming months, as supply chain logistics continue to deteriorate. When it comes to Apple kit, you may have the budget, but Macs are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Constraint is not better than constrained

Apple recently announced record-breaking second fiscal quarter revenue of $97.3 billion, but warned supply-chain challenges could cost the company $4 billion to $8 billion in future quarters.

“Right now, our main focus is on the supply side,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“For Q2…, we had constraints, but they were significantly lower and driven by industry wide chip shortages. Looking ahead, there are two causes of constraints: Covid disruptions and silicon shortages. These (COVID-19 lockdown) constraints are primarily around the Shanghai corridor… almost all of the affected factories have now restarted. We’re encouraged that the COVID case count in Shanghai has decreased over the last few days.”

Since then, we’ve heard continued reports of shutdowns and even riots across Chinese consumer electronic manufacturing. Workers are understandably frustrated and unhappy at being locked inside their factories for weeks on end, rather than seeing friends of family. Apple supplier Pegatron cut production at its Shanghai factory this week, reports South China Morning Post. This, plus the war in Ukraine, means Apple’s feeling a squeeze at both sides — supply is constrained by manufacturing and logistical problems while demand is being affected by war and on-going COVID-19 lockdowns.

And Apple isn’t alone.

Short supply, strong demand

Right, it’s an important story, but what has this to do with enterprise purchasing patterns?

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